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DMB2019-07-17.mk012.flac24 (Zachary Mohney)

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Dave Matthews Band
July 17th, 2019
Wantagh, NY
Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater

Taper : Zachary Mohney (
Location : Left Pit 10 Feet from Stack @ ~12 Feet
Source :
Mic Pair 1 | Oktava MK012 (Cardioid Caps) > Mogami Snake > Sound Devices MixPre6
Mic Pair 2 | dpa4061 > DAD6001 > Mogami Snake > Sound Device MixPre6
Lineage :
Sound Devices MixPre6 @ 96/24 > SD Card > MacBook >
Adobe Audition (Assembly / Leveling / Tracking) > xACT (Flac & CBR ACC)

24 Bit Flac Release | No 16 Bit Source Release

01. Introduction
02. Anyone Seen the Bridge? >
03. Too Much
04. Do You Remember
05. Rooftop
06. That Girl Is You
07. Write a Song
08. You Might Die Trying
09. Everyday / #36 Outro
10. Hey Y'all....

Jeff was sick and off-stage after DYR. Trumpet only from Rooftop to Everyday as far as the horn section goes.
Show was postponed due to a massive storm that rolled in. After a bit over an hour they called the event and moved the show back a day to 7/18/19 with tickets being honored from the cancelled show.

;flac fingerprints generated by xACT 2.47 on 2019-07-18 06:21:41 +0000

Dave Matthews Band - 01 - Introduction.flac:f8edbc441fa68062e62c2897fde924f6
Dave Matthews Band - 02 - Anyone Seen the Bridge .flac:7ea59826304663d168a4bf2c78e05716
Dave Matthews Band - 03 - Too Much.flac:5a6081a6e76e82b1962614798d5638ad
Dave Matthews Band - 04 - Do You Remember.flac:76d559dac87660ec087b5f6f32e1ece1
Dave Matthews Band - 05 - Rooftop.flac:59f0c0886bb071fba20e7520b1d86d4b
Dave Matthews Band - 06 - That Girl Is You.flac:8be52bc3e953e2cd223b91b2572f695b
Dave Matthews Band - 07 - Write a Song.flac:0d88768d4ff73649c27c920c876fb119
Dave Matthews Band - 08 - You Might Die Trying.flac:8e4f02b84bd35b1639d6576cc71108ec
Dave Matthews Band - 09 - Everyday.flac:2b8a82be307c256c870cc3eba092c543
Dave Matthews Band - 10 - Hey Y'all....flac:4a5f2defcdbfc1e55f5043b70d5a30bd

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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