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D&T2017-04-11.ca14.flac16 (John Gortakowski)

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Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
Coliseu Porto
Porto, PRT

Taper: John Gortakowski (GortoTapes@gmail.com)
Location: FOB
Source: CA-14 cardioid (DINa, ~12’) > CA-9100 > M-Audio MicroTrack II (24bit/96kHz)
Conversion: M-Audio MicroTrack II > Audacity 2.1 (Normalize to -0.01dB; Fade In and Out applied; dither to 16/44.1) > CD Wave Editor (tracking) > xACT 2.38 (level 5) > FLAC

******************** DO NOT DISTRIBUTE IN LOSSY FORMATS*********************

01. Intro 01:46.07
02. You Might Die Trying 05:19.13
03. Old Dirt Hill (Bring That Beat Back) 06:20.72
04. Granny 04:57.50
05. Fool To Think 06:13.50
06. Lying In the Hands of God 10:05.53
07. Don’t Drink the Water 06:56.03
08. One Sweet World 05:27.08
09. Where Are You Going 04:56.53
10. Tripping Billies 05:54.19
11. You Are My Sanity* 06:32.24
12. Death On The High Seas 05:52.72
13. Stay Or Leave 05:12.55
14. Bismarck 04:46.06
15. Crush 10:16.64
16. Muros y Puertas (Walls and Doors)+ 06:23.62
17. Satellite> 04:42.46
18. Minarets> 06:14.55
19. Funny The Way It Is 06:10.56
20. Stream* 07:13.68
21. Virginia In The Rain 07:27.13
22. Jimi Thing 07:36.17
23. Crash Into Me 06:00.14
24. Grey Street 05:03.38
25. Two Step 11:41.63
26. #41> 06:08.31
27. All Along The Watchtower^ 08:13.36
28. Warehouse 09:08.73
29. Stay (Wasting Time) 07:20.07
30. Ants Marching 06:01.10

Total: 196:05.13

Obrigado Inęs for the help translating. Thanks to the DMB Crew for helping with security and the space in the cage. Thanks to Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds, Coliseu Porto, and Everything is New for letting me tape the show!
> Indicates a segue into next song
* Tim Solo
+ Carlos Varela
^ Bob Dylan Cover

compiled by John Gortakowski on 04-16-2017


D_T2017-04-11.ca14.t01.flac16.flac:e13933975f49794f63d698a7b1 332cc3
D_T2017-04-11.ca14.t02.flac16.flac:25bf6dfce5ab82feceb6c80917 ae9750
D_T2017-04-11.ca14.t03.flac16.flac:e5c6fa0aa2cb74e48e89b90654 4fad6f
D_T2017-04-11.ca14.t04.flac16.flac:9d3a6c8a02cd8f1280138c68fe d36ca6
D_T2017-04-11.ca14.t05.flac16.flac:3c3ef8e96f43f64ac87f04136d 11c163
D_T2017-04-11.ca14.t06.flac16.flac:5ce8bbcde9669c28b22e775cc0 0b2f28
D_T2017-04-11.ca14.t07.flac16.flac:04d69298d8bc83a4926273e712 c00740
D_T2017-04-11.ca14.t08.flac16.flac:45fecaea9b26159321b4a051de 31a423
D_T2017-04-11.ca14.t09.flac16.flac:ce919868ae31dd79b33d7f5d08 970d56
D_T2017-04-11.ca14.t10.flac16.flac:691b368ace0bb3be4ceb346fc7 72ac9a
D_T2017-04-11.ca14.t11.flac16.flac:55728eb058972b034167a044b4 7338b8
D_T2017-04-11.ca14.t12.flac16.flac:c24db9d634510455fcfda93d0d c6fe20
D_T2017-04-11.ca14.t13.flac16.flac:5ed1871ab92f8d76ec8f4aaa9b b6d7fb
D_T2017-04-11.ca14.t14.flac16.flac:bc1575d322a931f0df6c9d8ee9 4e7a91
D_T2017-04-11.ca14.t15.flac16.flac:7f5af69a59fa7afc242251c0da 4a8802
D_T2017-04-11.ca14.t16.flac16.flac:7e7bc659df6b72bd66e3391d0b 6dda83
D_T2017-04-11.ca14.t17.flac16.flac:8c80f08fbe64fc85e7321ad13b 882b3e
D_T2017-04-11.ca14.t18.flac16.flac:b719125bfbefbdf6cc4bdb807e f74f29
D_T2017-04-11.ca14.t19.flac16.flac:18c5191b13cba2abe0980d1580 de92a5
D_T2017-04-11.ca14.t20.flac16.flac:cd17653167582747c360f38826 6be151
D_T2017-04-11.ca14.t21.flac16.flac:94ade092320d2fcdf07ccd2a8b 2f33c5
D_T2017-04-11.ca14.t22.flac16.flac:61ad74994bb1b1df884bc64208 21e49f
D_T2017-04-11.ca14.t23.flac16.flac:5e54b4e79d238868d7384cb90e 2b8299
D_T2017-04-11.ca14.t24.flac16.flac:34f6e5ca8967769eca5596f277 002081
D_T2017-04-11.ca14.t25.flac16.flac:f5122c0b06d6bb97334c3862d8 fc252a
D_T2017-04-11.ca14.t26.flac16.flac:fd2eb19c409015362e510726e7 0ec2b0
D_T2017-04-11.ca14.t27.flac16.flac:e0a6d468c47796442c54f89585 e6026b
D_T2017-04-11.ca14.t28.flac16.flac:d4b94cac2f3d195d756896e4b8 6be888
D_T2017-04-11.ca14.t29.flac16.flac:e79c8038306bb87594d27987c9 f029b5
D_T2017-04-11.ca14.t30.flac16.flac:2f1c5d5099671653f979170475 6f325b

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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    Re: D&T2017-04-11.ca14.flac16 (John Gortakowski)

    thanks to John for taping and sharing!

    I'm Angela's Bitch
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    Re: D&T2017-04-11.ca14.flac16 (John Gortakowski)

    To burn at a slow tempo, that's everything
    - Jeff Buckley
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    Re: D&T2017-04-11.ca14.flac16 (John Gortakowski)

    Thank you very much!
    Lisbon 07 & 09 / London 09 & 10 / Paris 09 / Milan 10
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    Re: D&T2017-04-11.ca14.flac16 (John Gortakowski)

    Thank You. Can`t stop listening to this tape around the clock.
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    Re: D&T2017-04-11.ca14.flac16 (John Gortakowski)

    Thank you so much, John!! Can't wait to hear Lisbon...
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    Re: D&T2017-04-11.ca14.flac16 (John Gortakowski)

    Thanks man! Look me up if you are in Nashville for D&T. It's been too long.
    I'm still forgetting shows! Where are those stubs!

    Jamie (Tye)
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