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D&T2017-03-29.AKGCK91.flac16 (Thomas Rosander)

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Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds
Mar 29 2017
Royal Arena
Copenhagen, Denmark

AKG CK91 on stand @ 2.7m height, A-B 18cm -> 3-wire batterybox -> Sony PCM-M10 @24/96.
Lower right corner of section 108, row 13 which was the actual 3rd row seen from the floor up.
Light EQ applied and some compressing of audience noice in between tracks.
Recorded by Thomas Rosander, Sweden.

The strange noise occasionally coming from Dave during the show is him saying thanks to the audience. In Danish of course. Many thanks, or literally a thousand thanks - Tusin takk!

All tracks are tagged with relevant metadata.

1. Intro
2. Take Me To Tomorrow *
3. Crush
4. Bartender
5. (Trump rant in Danish) ”Jeg vil gjerne sie undskyld for ham vi har puttet i det vite hus” /I’d like to say excuse us for him who we have put in The White House.
6. Stay Or Leave
7. When The World Ends
8. Bismarck
9. Satellite
10. #41
11. Grey Street
12. Grab The Horns By The Bull +
13. Death On The High Seas
14. Warehouse
15. The Space Between
16. Fool To Think
17. Lie In Our Graves
18. Samurai Cop
19. Loving Wings
20. You Might Die Trying
21. Kashmir +
22. Virginia In The Rain
23. Gravedigger
24. Tripping Billies

25. Funny The Way It Is
26. Two Step

-------- ENCORE --------

27. What Would You Say
28. Ants Marching

-------- ENCORE --------

29. You & Me

* Dave Solo
+ Tim Solo

#MD5 checksums generated by xACT 2.39 on 2017-04-10 09:55:50 +0000

184e53d72ab03d487e40d7b01b3707e9 *Z0000005 1.flac
b7d7e1f74493358b5f6dbcdca7789a3e *Z0000005 2.flac
be12bebbb5c152b1287e7ea541c2b71d *Z0000005 3.flac
daaa8a65a6fda61e427dbf882bafa2f7 *Z0000005 4.flac
44c93c1e4d341c156b402f39fe57c08f *Z0000005 5.flac
85007e494e77a620201d4eb3fccfbef8 *Z0000005 6.flac
93fb3b6cdac9afa976f95cdaa6edd226 *Z0000005 7.flac
4f8a69eda56e8e331465ba761c03a150 *Z0000005 8.flac
e6a43453dfc305b9601b23faed15b5b3 *Z0000005 9.flac
38cc7b3bcb22bc1672a32d6a32ebd63c *Z0000005 10.flac
f03fb31239b411355d343725e01f161c *Z0000005 11.flac
139b12943f4c14883a3d7b4c11f67bc0 *Z0000005 12.flac
ea6dd7535ee998a4afcc19fe53b176a5 *Z0000005 13.flac
28f6324ad8871bfdd0ae272c83580bcf *Z0000005 14.flac
9623580db243abf6c6765d7b59c980b2 *Z0000005 15.flac
2fb07e8ad9994d7b2ba49502ae24a23e *Z0000005 16.flac
a132dd0f88c8c778f66fc0fffaea0d83 *Z0000005 17.flac
c8c6c195a1920e05b1d4e5dced2ea024 *Z0000005 18.flac
221db6091a70bbb436265da31721f629 *Z0000005 19.1.flac
4866ee9348735d640b945595d8fa696f *Z0000005 19.2.flac
b3f023f4d8294e18ca542009015726f8 *Z0000005 20.flac
b276e3724c220c13a196fba6ca25b540 *Z0000005 21.flac
9a320adc4d8e8bc765c6065776d817fe *Z0000005 22.flac
c533ce75e613ecb1472a11628c9c9a77 *Z0000005 23.flac
fdaeb5bf6e2715fca8c90f059482758c *Z0000005 24.flac
6b4db2902696e80d48a1ad083f8494a1 *Z0000005 25.flac
c85992ffb54428cb3b83de720fab65db *Z0000005 26.flac
ceea4dfb5928ea9e86487e574934bc82 *Z0000005 27.flac
757fa5a4a0cff3771511acc07190a39c *Z0000005 28.flac

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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    Re: D&T2017-03-29.AKGCK91.flac16 (Thomas Rosander)

    High five from Norway!
    To burn at a slow tempo, that's everything
    - Jeff Buckley
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