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DMB2016-06-25.KM1-85.flac16 (Jeff Travitz)

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Dave Matthews Band
BB&T Pavilion
Camden, NJ 06/25/2016

Grace Audio V3->
Sound Device 744T

One Sweet World
Belly Belly Nice
Big Eyed Fish
Bob Law
What Would You Say
The Song That Jane Likes
Kill The Preacher
Why I Am
Sugar Will
You Might Die Trying
If Only
Donít Drink the Water
Proudest Monkey (tease)
Jimi Thing
Sexy M.F.

Tripping Billies

#MD5 checksums generated by xACT 2.38 on 2016-06-26 18:24:27 +0000

8d0cc707eb7e33c3c4090c2881207926 *dmb2016-06-25t01.flac
6abcc21b7a7e0f2a74c8fae5397b4439 *dmb2016-06-25t02.flac
ea90824c5dedfbddaf7edd21af6c6359 *dmb2016-06-25t03.flac
ce71eecd4b3f6d1a52e0bfcb7e2bd86c *dmb2016-06-25t04.flac
8d836c9dde68f6a215bb17a3c8bfb038 *dmb2016-06-25t05.flac
57e5e63f1ea8d4d6f30566c16422b4f9 *dmb2016-06-25t06.flac
3c3e643f368b7d3d985fd148631ad313 *dmb2016-06-25t07.flac
5bccf58da08965d2c056ca0b7c31c63d *dmb2016-06-25t08.flac
c08fa8b899784cbfc13a898f0720d5f3 *dmb2016-06-25t09.flac
f308f85af152b3b7840802e1c8aeb94e *dmb2016-06-25t10.flac
d9eac686fc467ce31fede3b2433372b5 *dmb2016-06-25t11.flac
43b6b662f0dd727c5387e6fa73f9e490 *dmb2016-06-25t12.flac
15e4051a1fb897398afbfd5aa24d813f *dmb2016-06-25t13.flac
f5672e0a36598171d1284af7339d8661 *dmb2016-06-25t14.flac
174ee5c851c3641e69b5b043bef3f6b6 *dmb2016-06-25t15.flac
b3f048f12e4107cce53cd3bdb89fad37 *dmb2016-06-25t16.flac
9f071978227e9cb2e2255fba33653890 *dmb2016-06-25t17.flac
aacc3a34d0716cd1037c54b7f6a9b8ba *dmb2016-06-25t18.flac
6bf4ef50207ae039f855bee844b0cfc3 *dmb2016-06-25t19.flac
407442e3013d69f5ce74670a73a7de0f *dmb2016-06-25t20.flac
286e0acdf308e62f3183037f00e850e3 *dmb2016-06-25t21.flac
04a1d2bf989237885391065b0bb181be *dmb2016-06-25t22.flac
b5649482b18745bdc76f5dc2b82a9866 *dmb2016-06-25t23.flac
08a4f313d1e23ec747dae2fb5b0059e2 *dmb2016-06-25t24.flac

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

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    Re: DMB2016-06-25.KM1-85.flac16 (Jeff Travitz)

    Thank you!
    To burn at a slow tempo, that's everything
    - Jeff Buckley
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    Re: DMB2016-06-25.KM1-85.flac16 (Jeff Travitz)

    This was my third show this year and by far the best! Although their musical talent brings me back again and again

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