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DMB2016-05-18.ca11.flac16 (bersey)

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Dave Matthews Band
Verizon Arena
North Little Rock, AR
May 18, 2016

Taper: bersey (
Location: GA floor, front right corner of light/video booth, 100' from stage,
slightly right of center, mics about 11' high
Source: CA-11 cardioids > CA-9100 > Sony PCM-M10 @ 24 bit/48kHz
Conversion: Sony PCM-M10 > PC > Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio 9.0 (fades, normalize,
resample to 44.1 kHz, dither to 16 bit) > CD Wave Editor (tracking) >
Trader's Little Helper (encode to flac,level 6) > foobar 2000 (tagging)

************************************************** ******************************************
*************************DO NOT DISTRIBUTE IN LOSSY FORMATS LIKE MP3************************
***********************RECORDING IS NOT FOR SALE OR ANY COMMERCIAL USE**********************
************************************************** ******************************************

01. Intro 02:09.00
02. Seek Up 19:08.00
03. Bismarck 06:49.00
04. When the World Ends 04:15.00
05. So Much To Say > 04:12.00
06. Anyone Seen the Bridge > Too Much fake > 02:25.00
07. Tripping Billies 07:23.00
08. Death on the High Seas 06:47.00
09. #41 11:27.00
10. The Idea of You 04:46.00
11. Stefan bass intro > 01:04.00
12. Crush 12:52.00
13. Warehouse 11:46.00
14. Samurai Cop 05:23.00
15. Minarets 08:02.00
16. Gravedigger 06:17.00
17. Belly Belly Nice 06:13.00
18. Bob Law 05:35.00
19. Jimi Thing > 13:29.00
20. Sexy MF * 02:42.00
21. You & Me 05:30.00
22. Grey Street 05:31.00
23. Encore Break 07:36.00
24. Dive In 05:54.00
25. Stefan bass intro > 01:33.00
26. All Along the Watchtower ^ 08:12.00

Total: 2:57:00.00

* Prince cover
^ Bob Dylan cover

Dave Matthews Band:
Dave Matthews - acoustic guitar, electric guitar, keys, vocals
Carter Beauford - drums, percussion, backing vocals
Stefan Lessard - electric bass guitar
Boyd Tinsley - violin, backing vocals
Jeff Coffin - saxophones, flute
Rashawn Ross - trumpet, backing vocals
Tim Reynolds - electric guitar

Thanks to Dave Matthews Band and Verizon Arena for letting me tape the show!

Compiled by Kurt Berwanger on May 22, 2016


Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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    Re: DMB2016-05-18.ca11.flac16 (bersey)

    you da man Matt!! thanks for uploading it here as well (and thereby saving me some ratio!) I will of course seed this beauty here for a long time (along with the other 2016 shows i've downloaded from here)

    and last but not least, thank you so much for all the great tapers out there!
    To burn at a slow tempo, that's everything
    - Jeff Buckley
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    Re: DMB2016-05-18.ca11.flac16 (bersey)

    Hi. I am new to antamarching- but NOT DMB. Can anyone help me. I want to download the shows, but following the directions doesn't work for me. My iPhone 6 sends me a warning that one of the steps is not safe. How do you guys download on your iPhone 6? And where do you store it? Sorry for the ignorance!
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    Re: DMB2016-05-18.ca11.flac16 (bersey)

    Did it on my Mac desktop- couldn't do it on my phone?
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    Re: DMB2016-05-18.ca11.flac16 (bersey)

    Thank you so, so, so much. I've had a curse for the longest time where none of the shows I went to (except Dallas) ever got a tape! You're my hero.
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