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DMB2016-05-14.vm44.flac16 (Matt Hiles)

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Dave Matthews Band
Gexa Energy Pavilion
Dallas, TX
May 14, 2016 (Saturday)

Source: Milab VM-44 Links (super-cards) -> Sonosax SX-R4 (24/48)

Location: Back of Pit, 60' split

Transfer: Sonosax SX-R4 -> Audacity (16/44) -> CD Wave -> Flac

01. crowd
02. The Song That Jane Likes
03. Big Eyed Fish >
04. Bismarck
05. Satellite
06. Dive In
07. Why I Am
08. #41
09. What Would You Say
10. Sugar Will
11. The Last Stop
12. You and Me
13. Bob Law
14. Crash Into Me
15. Samurai Cop
16. Dancing Nancies
17. Cornbread
18. So Much To Say >
19. Anyone Seen The Bridge >
20. Too Much (tease)
21. Tripping Billies
22. Digging a Ditch
23. Pantala Naga Pampa > Rapunzel

78ea55a035e509c8f897c30c0847d9ec *dmb2016-05-14t01.flac
a2934217aa176528c722c760d2fc0ec5 *dmb2016-05-14t02.flac
8ccf29ede423996eeff41463a22c8300 *dmb2016-05-14t03.flac
b50440121ad6841b2e646f15cf1ec6fd *dmb2016-05-14t04.flac
af7fb5890cbbef168fedd66c52061546 *dmb2016-05-14t05.flac
7aec95bd713b91a3b26fc29c4413f9af *dmb2016-05-14t06.flac
490f1dcc419d8659745385254de009e1 *dmb2016-05-14t07.flac
e889ecd1f9ba6d9224372c8476936746 *dmb2016-05-14t08.flac
c82cf0712d12b3fb19857e15f73e07f8 *dmb2016-05-14t09.flac
34778657d82661d018716fbcc014d4f0 *dmb2016-05-14t10.flac
c6abdefca47cbe7d46b16e6995d26b08 *dmb2016-05-14t11.flac
1d1a4f244157713d4ffb56f92a527309 *dmb2016-05-14t12.flac
726c6c9538e71550c0a8b9be80c0b312 *dmb2016-05-14t13.flac
51b8f1d7f282f0f17dcc5840c886223f *dmb2016-05-14t14.flac
82d23d72b5cc690e815dd0b96bd21c3e *dmb2016-05-14t15.flac
9a6811f6e5f94cadec3118f1e12de3e0 *dmb2016-05-14t16.flac
dcdb482bf763487c8e7a655625d00572 *dmb2016-05-14t17.flac
a8fea3dcbe3e7abf51dddd0f1a0705a4 *dmb2016-05-14t18.flac
ca5b683bf269c9d5da0305c568570eec *dmb2016-05-14t19.flac
447f870f2ac08bac2b8f09216a7aceee *dmb2016-05-14t20.flac
1205f283f9d8afbc9bb7fe92196d3c61 *dmb2016-05-14t21.flac
6df8ceab59dd61f08297ca0830e8ab09 *dmb2016-05-14t22.flac
1a7d04ddc96a0c3ee9d3ed4e0dfda097 *dmb2016-05-14t23.flac

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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    Re: DMB2016-05-14.vm44.flac16 (Unknown)

    Thanks for this! very fast
    They [the lots] don't officially open until 2 hours before the show, but they have always opened before that, usually around 2:30 - 3:00
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