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DM_1994-10-15.daud.shnf (Unknown)

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Dave Matthews Band
Early Show-Magic Platter
Birmingham, AL

Source:unknown analog
Transfer:Cass(unk gen*)>CDR>MKW>SHN

(*exact cassette gen unknown, but I would guess it is very low, probably first gen.
the copy that was converted to CD was actually found in Alabama)

01-The Best of What's Around <7:20.71>*
02-Cry Freedom <7:15.45>
03-Tripping Billies <6:14.18>**
04-Dancing Nancies <8:10.59>***
05-Pay For What You Get <5:43.34>****

(*)slight pop at about 5:05
(**)sounds like a PA malfunction for the first minute. Volume
jumps at about 0:48 and Dave says "oh, there we go"
(***)pop at about 2:15
(****) With Norwegian Wood outro and Recently tease.

On October 15, 1994, Phish played at Oak Mountain Amphitheater - Pelham, AL. and had the Dave
Matthews Band opening the show. Earlier in the day, Dave Matthews played an acoustic
gig at a record store in Birmingham called the Magic Platter.Only a handful of people
were there and a taper or two. My copy of the gig is on analog, but I dumped it to my
hard drive, burned wave files of it and transferred it to shn. with a little help from
a friend. I wish I had the mic info, but I don't. Sorry.
If you have any questions about this disc, feel free to email me at...
Mike Wallace
A special thanks to Jason Brown for doing the
Analog > CD-R transfer.

Sourcefile updated (notes and track times) 2.22.03 by

8c14286c9950bf4561ad80e11bef19bf *DMB1994-10-15 (acoustic gig)tr01.shn
c0e4e23a36a11523579049104c17329a *DMB1994-10-15 (acoustic gig)tr02.shn
c07aea9c709d92294557bc52a1a073df *DMB1994-10-15 (acoustic gig)tr03.shn
0daddd0ef2c983a471b16f57938b5a63 *DMB1994-10-15 (acoustic gig)tr04.shn
f19a0430fce1c8cdedb743b20f2bdcc0 *DMB1994-10-15 (acoustic gig)tr05.shn

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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