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DMB2002-04-08.dpa4011.shnf (Chris Jones)

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Dave Matthews Band
8 April 2002
Fleet Center
Boston, Massachusetts

Taper: Chris Jones
Source: DPA 4011 > DPA AO0182 XLR > Apogee Trak2 (@ 24/44.1) >
Canare DA-206 AES-S/PDIF Interconnect > Metric Halo Mobile I/O 2882
+DSP FireWire Interface (@ 24/44.1) > Apple iBook G3/600 >
MOTU DP 3.02
Location: Section F Row 1 Seats 1 + 2
HD > .shn: Apple iBook G3/600 > Apple Power Mac G4 DP800 > DP 3.02 >
shntool 1.01

d1t01 Introduction
d1t02 So Much To Say*
d1t03 When The World Ends*
d1t04 Granny*
d1t05 Drive In Drive Out*
d1t06 Lover Lay Down*
d1t07 Too Much*
d1t08 Grace Is Gone*
d1t09 Rhyme And Reason*
d1t10 Lie In Our Graves*

d2t01 Digging A Ditch*
d2t02 Grey Street*
d2t03 Warehouse*
d2t04 Where Are You Going*
d2t05 I Did It*
d2t06 Intro To...*
d2t07 The Space Between*
d2t08 What Would You Say*

* Featuring Butch Taylor
^ First Time Played

Compiled by Chris Jones
9 April 2002}

16c22fc422ac4253502c95d8646ffc23 *dmb2002-04-08-d1t01.shn
31eb16fdcb8748de6a82fb032b3e8378 *dmb2002-04-08-d1t02.shn
1459fbf6bc1630a0eb6c6409a9fe5e7b *dmb2002-04-08-d1t03.shn
01a78ef6cead0daeb25078bd30eeac57 *dmb2002-04-08-d1t04.shn
4e485806b3694ba97abe30634346fb93 *dmb2002-04-08-d1t05.shn
10fca65c412335bc11955dc198023923 *dmb2002-04-08-d1t06.shn
98a946f7a3c9bcce010cc182a7254c71 *dmb2002-04-08-d1t07.shn
508fe03a85089ffd272c3a06518fe0f7 *dmb2002-04-08-d1t08.shn
01751bbf40d42a140a32409aafdee501 *dmb2002-04-08-d1t09.shn
d9a47cb286abacf7b20feb84c64b640e *dmb2002-04-08-d1t10.shn

1c9bf5123e9f436f06f258c90d655a0d *dmb2002-04-08-d2t01.shn
f3ae1f5ddfca9b42eeaacdf0f38ed32c *dmb2002-04-08-d2t02.shn
f805586346f2f38cc9e4ea0108c9c7cf *dmb2002-04-08-d2t03.shn
57efcc5098f2e65f4cbb9a0fa000532a *dmb2002-04-08-d2t04.shn
3ff625412812c9aebf97d6ad235eb45b *dmb2002-04-08-d2t05.shn
b6dcf10edaf55b2e6e850682008348a5 *dmb2002-04-08-d2t07.shn
267eeab7da8c3f7d56c0f2b8b0e358f7 *dmb2002-04-08-d2t06.shn
f4d68d897d9cb776ba660ff5962fcda3 *dmb2002-04-08-d2t08.shn

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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