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DMB1994-02-04.dsbd.shnf (Unknown)

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Dave Matthews Band
February 4, 1994
Georgia Theatre, Athens, GA

Taper: unknown
Source: DSBD --> DAT
DAT>CD: (Mike Vernal) Tascam DAP1 --> Audiomedia III
Extract/SHN: (Louie Rendek) EAC v0.85b4, all tracks 100%

Disc one:

1. Ants Marching 08:05
2. Seek Up 14:40
3. Satellite 06:22
4. What Would You Say 07:03
5. Tripping Billies 05:37
6. Lover Lay Down 07:13
7. #36 08:47
8. One Sweet World (instrumental intro) 08:51

Disc one total 66:38
Disc two:

1. Minarets --> 08:03
2. Typical Situation 12:24
3. Song That Jane Likes 04:05
4. Jimi Thing 11:16
5. Granny 05:41
6. Dancing Nancies 09:05
7. Recently 13:15
8. E: Warehouse 10:03

Disc two total 73:52


There are a few split second spots of diginoise from the DAT in Warehouse.

**Compiled by Louie Rendek (
**March 30, 2000

f62feda57a38a02dab54c5fd76f79450 *dmb1994-02-04d1t04.wav.shn
d5762618df0e9fb60108150da8ae375b *dmb1994-02-04d1t02.wav.shn
89abbca9736a3958b603f335a3c7d257 *dmb1994-02-04d1t03.wav.shn
e38e934c6a803dd256d8fc5aec3e056d *dmb1994-02-04d1t01.wav.shn
8405514de8126b646d04e3ef6f65edee *dmb1994-02-04d1t05.wav.shn
5e7f2dc4460edb07653b6e2ad7a36bb2 *dmb1994-02-04d1t06.wav.shn
444dcf54fb87dd0bc03a36b4774ae0ee *dmb1994-02-04d1t07.wav.shn
eabfb5c692770f7153d7132062f66619 *dmb1994-02-04d1t08.wav.shn
94ea8f938c96771c113e8d20d0d05fd0 *dmb1994-02-04d2t04.wav.shn
e26c69dbc6e17156a55f547766148f9a *dmb1994-02-04d2t02.wav.shn
b1ce5a21210e6f3ae7146e7e8e93bc31 *dmb1994-02-04d2t03.wav.shn
4584f974ef2e520706a6dac85da15b8c *dmb1994-02-04d2t01.wav.shn
eb99b64a367bd51602d6bc06de6c2cd3 *dmb1994-02-04d2t05.wav.shn
a5cf15e38e138f615b0e35b3aace7259 *dmb1994-02-04d2t06.wav.shn
1c6c20bf0b2c15ef67b1ce54b7d5f327 *dmb1994-02-04d2t07.wav.shn
b8491a8ae8e3de656e81b26d483326c2 *dmb1994-02-04d2t08.wav.shn

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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