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DMB2005-07-23.akg483.flac16 (Crumbo)

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Dave Matthews Band
Alpine Valley Music Theater
East Troy, WI
July 23, 2005

Taper: Crumbo
Location: Section 102, Row F, Seats 100 & 101
Source: AKG 480/ck63 (A-B, ~16')>Opti-Mod V3>JB3
Conversion: JB3>Firewire>WaveLab 5.0>CDWav 1.94.3>FLAC Frontend 1.7.1 (Level 6)


Disc 1: 52:19.54

01. Intro
02. #41
03. One Sweet World
04. Louisiana Bayou
05. Hunger For The Great Light
06. American Baby Intro>
07. Say Goodbye

Disc 2: 56:54.55

01. Dream Girl
02. Time Of The Season
03. You Might Die Trying
04. Rhyme & Reason
05. Smooth Rider
06. Lie In Our Graves

Disc 3: 63:23.66

01. Lover Lay Down
02. Bartender
03. Pantala Naga Pampa>Rapunzel
04. Encore Break
05. Best of Whats Around
06. What You Are


-Thanks to Jason for all the help.
-Crossfade applied during the encore break.

Compiled by Crumbo 7-24-2005

dmb2005-07-23.akg483.v3.d1t01.flac:84801d546572a4539e47ad8fb1 d7a633
dmb2005-07-23.akg483.v3.d1t02.flac:f4378a1581b7eababb3677c2d6 c562a0
dmb2005-07-23.akg483.v3.d1t03.flac:276f9931065c41e4460d3757a9 9c4595
dmb2005-07-23.akg483.v3.d1t04.flac:b3825f4751147e5063249bc91c a17f5a
dmb2005-07-23.akg483.v3.d1t05.flac:a409376203c990bb8327e575a4 283c55
dmb2005-07-23.akg483.v3.d1t06.flac:e067143020b1a4d7ac75964438 c47ffd
dmb2005-07-23.akg483.v3.d1t07.flac:b47b40eebe2c3213633a56c3d6 1abe32
dmb2005-07-23.akg483.v3.d2t01.flac:4a314e6dd38831c2539eb2bfe4 3580e3
dmb2005-07-23.akg483.v3.d2t02.flac:200e28b4b77d4177dda007f58b 0cab05
dmb2005-07-23.akg483.v3.d2t03.flac:e30f63ec534645d44e8262a010 6ee09d
dmb2005-07-23.akg483.v3.d2t04.flac:59e62100eb8fcfe6246ce82cd4 aec4c9
dmb2005-07-23.akg483.v3.d2t05.flac:2c6ef2ddac5078f0e320e66de4 4289ba
dmb2005-07-23.akg483.v3.d2t06.flac:c788683633bf55c5bedda6bba2 09bde2
dmb2005-07-23.akg483.v3.d3t01.flac:26e703d32961b35516e45955ad 0c56d8
dmb2005-07-23.akg483.v3.d3t02.flac:98a78d4a5d7486f9f8a3fa1321 833ef8
dmb2005-07-23.akg483.v3.d3t03.flac:70458408844edcf29cab22424c 7a78fc
dmb2005-07-23.akg483.v3.d3t04.flac:465e583353ee2a21ec1b7658d4 14a144
dmb2005-07-23.akg483.v3.d3t05.flac:7d8523c5060fb557e525d9eb92 c0bbc9
dmb2005-07-23.akg483.v3.d3t06.flac:2a6416b566c709d67de02db0d9 9afcd4

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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