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DMB2007-09-18.sm81.flac16 (Gary Burdick)

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Dave Matthews Band
Tuesday, September 18, 2007
Alltel Pavilion at Walnut Creek
Raleigh, NC

***Do not convert to lossy formats like mp3 unless for personal use.***
***Never sell or pay for live recordings.***

Source: Shure SM81s (X/Y) > Marantz PMD660
Location: Section 1 row F seats 13 & 14 @ ~10ft
Transfer: CF Card > USB > .WAV > GoldWave > FLAC (dbpoweramp)
Sector Boundary Errors fixed using Trader's Little Helper
Taped and Transferred by Gary Burdick

01. Louisiana Bayou *
02. Warehouse *
03. Corn Bread *
04. #27 *
05. You Might Die Trying*
06. You Never Know
07. Everyday *
08. Stay (Wasting Time) *
09. A Dream So Real *
10. (Typical Situation) * %
11. Dream Girl *
12. The Idea Of You *
13. Jimi Thing * #
14. Eh Hee *
15. The Stone *
16. So Much To Say * >
17. Anyone Seen The Bridge * >
18. Too Much *
19. [encore break]
20. Grey Street *
21. Ants Marching *

Show Notes:
* Rashawn Ross
Entire show with Butch Taylor on keys.
# "Jungle Boogie" interpolation on horns
% starting with the 7/8 section

(song name) indicates a partial song
> indicates a segue into next song

Stand fell back partially for about 15 seconds of Bayou.
Thanks to Chris Howell for the clamp space and help along with Chris Drews.
Thanks to Vinny and Steve for the gear.

Compiled 2007-09-21 by Gary Burdick (

Flac Fingerprints:

dmb2007-09-18.sm81.t01 Louisiana Bayou.flac:17ab643bd235eb67604b76ce2fded8d6
dmb2007-09-18.sm81.t02 Warehouse.flac:0bc4f7aff4f2024dc2b2a822a53d6951
dmb2007-09-18.sm81.t03 Cornbread.flac:32cfe0db11f07472c380f5c8beefd58e
dmb2007-09-18.sm81.t04 #27.flac:1810a663f6739f513c873ef446910594
dmb2007-09-18.sm81.t05 You Might Die Trying.flac:3cb2499b36f9deb04a2164c11f7d9e81
dmb2007-09-18.sm81.t06 You Never Know.flac:2d19ac9a59ebb589fce937fb01a7ee8b
dmb2007-09-18.sm81.t07 Everyday.flac:935625ee8ed029ecd3bca068e1ad3bcc
dmb2007-09-18.sm81.t08 Stay.flac:519b597f285a711a09c2bf933749df52
dmb2007-09-18.sm81.t09 A Dream So Real.flac:01a2277777f14e7a6aa2005dbd75c9eb
dmb2007-09-18.sm81.t10 Typical Situation.flac:a7a6f1f1ba1bf0aaaa1f7303b6c9946e
dmb2007-09-18.sm81.t11 Dream Girl.flac:31e7f6601f30427c9eeabf9a54fe9871
dmb2007-09-18.sm81.t12 The Idea Of You.flac:dd26874381097a90dfbb8d328f222e10
dmb2007-09-18.sm81.t13 Jimi Thing.flac:8856b19c4a924409de6c1b038bdca06e
dmb2007-09-18.sm81.t14 Eh Hee.flac:7bb251049ff948ee4c3895f2a94f17a3
dmb2007-09-18.sm81.t15 The Stone.flac:790657f4f89ac86432e68c920b5c56a8
dmb2007-09-18.sm81.t16 So Much To Say.flac:c340e3482d6f18b121953c7be0338c00
dmb2007-09-18.sm81.t17 Anyone Seen The Bridge.flac:d868b2ac883133a67cc350a0226c43c9
dmb2007-09-18.sm81.t18 Too Much.flac:fd8b8098228344da9558fbe546e06edb
dmb2007-09-18.sm81.t19 Encore Break.flac:b954749c4cdb40614c86684d2a2a0ae0
dmb2007-09-18.sm81.t20 Grey Street.flac:023672018f4125b974d3f792ab64909d
dmb2007-09-18.sm81.t21 Ants Marching.flac:f68c4f7c2f3f206fbf0acc7f911e4f3b

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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