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DMB2006-06-09.akg481.shnf (Eric Naylor)

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Dave Matthews Band
Post-Gazette Pavilion
Burgettstown, PA

Taper: Eric Naylor
Source: AKG 480/ck61 > Lunatec V3 > Tascam DA-P1 > MicroTrack 24/96
Setup: 5th row Pit, House Left, 15' stand, A-B mics
Conversion: MicroTrack 24/96 > PC

d1t01 Intro
d1t02 The Best of What's Around *
d1t03 Proudest Monkey * >
d1t04 Satellite *
d1t05 Hunger for the Great Ligh *+
d1t06 Big Eyed Fish *
d1t07 Grey Street *

d2t01 Louisiana Bayou *+
d2t02 What Would You Say
d2t03 Grace Is Gone
d2t04 Kill the King *
d2t05 The Dreaming Tree *
d2t06 The Idea of You *

d3t01 Jimi Thing *+
d3t02 So Much to Say *+ >
d3t03 Anyone Seen the Bridge *+ >
d3t04 Too Much *+
d3t05 E: Sister ^
d3t06 E: Everyday * >
d3t07 E: Ants Marching *

Entire set with Butch Taylor on keys.
* Rashawn Ross on trumpet
+ Ian Gordon on trumpet and Reggie Watkins on trombone
^ Dave solo

Compiled by Eric Naylor

d40f8e5fa5cce2de9767963542cdd6d3 *dmb2006-06-09-d1t07.shn
bc83430ce227ff8d930c114e90b91127 *dmb2006-06-09-d1t01.shn
9b6e61f49e0675ed74a01c4a90be0134 *dmb2006-06-09-d1t02.shn
3db40a1e4e993ca28e7a6e82cf3b6295 *dmb2006-06-09-d1t03.shn
ef1f6a9f82a7a6a66dd2f0ffb3ffee43 *dmb2006-06-09-d1t04.shn
85c2668c00c539a5f361fb9f4be739d7 *dmb2006-06-09-d1t05.shn
0285b10e4965667caa62cdc8cdecb552 *dmb2006-06-09-d1t06.shn
2ebf4923174b9f225232072f36e60f98 *dmb2006-06-09-d2t06.shn
2d35b48c589efa643b65706345adb21f *dmb2006-06-09-d2t01.shn
ca68e9ab766bd246a5ba32ec1897a692 *dmb2006-06-09-d2t02.shn
ec1ed512d68f6a43b3dabc12119052ab *dmb2006-06-09-d2t03.shn
0a68ed05aed44b650803dccb22238e94 *dmb2006-06-09-d2t04.shn
38e52fd3a3c901a55c5e7131560b2fab *dmb2006-06-09-d2t05.shn
7679fa2e3d3c9a3b516b5a4d32a2a08d *dmb2006-06-09-d3t07.shn
d32c25f5d94e8d15fc7932613e37aad4 *dmb2006-06-09-d3t01.shn
e20bfec711a04110ffdbe184cc057e11 *dmb2006-06-09-d3t02.shn
b9e776410b28546b75f88aee0b69f119 *dmb2006-06-09-d3t03.shn
6bc103626928ad7c9585e17f2afbba59 *dmb2006-06-09-d3t04.shn
f05e8112364856cbce8edfaf6b823f3b *dmb2006-06-09-d3t05.shn
3a2dade62b24f08ccd803a50d808d7dd *dmb2006-06-09-d3t06.shn

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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