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DMB2003-07-24.km140.shnf (Craig Willoughby)

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Dave Matthews Band
July 24, 2003
Cricket Pavilion
Phoenix, AZ

Taper: Craig Willoughby
Source: Neumann AK40> Neumann LC-3 Active> Neumann KM100> Lunatec V3 >
EMagic 2|6 > Apple iBook > soundstudio
Conversion: Apple iBook> sound studio >shntools
Location: Section 100 Row DDD Seats 5,6; mics 17ft;stage left inside stack

Disk 1
1. Intro
2. The Stone
3. When The World Ends
4. Stephan Intro
5. Crush
6. One Sweet World
7. If I Had It All
8. #41
9. Crash Into Me
10.Help My Self
11.Fool To Think

Disk 2
1. Cry Freedom
2. Where Are You Going
3. Jimi Thing *
4. Cortez The Killer *
5. So Much To Say >
6. Anyone Seen The Bridge >
7. PNP>
8. Rapunzel
9. Encore Break
10.Long Black Vail
11.What You Are

* W/ Warren Haynes

compiled by Craig Willoughby 7/25/03 12:55pm

4eba1eb018075ca1ad9f2d70ea7a8a49 *dmb2003-07-24d01t11.shn
9e2e27dd3f2e9bad1624ae1b3c555571 *dmb2003-07-24d01t10.shn
d5ea09bf46d0fd9aa37d7f510630a38d *dmb2003-07-24d01t09.shn
6007337d3f1b7db3191da7a8037ecb42 *dmb2003-07-24d01t08.shn
512f45a0936e5813659b31142728c0f7 *dmb2003-07-24d01t07.shn
5b3ff6d170c36ecc74ab9eeaf5729c90 *dmb2003-07-24d01t01.shn
e84982a03b8f829feb77febf2fd1898f *dmb2003-07-24d01t06.shn
eb2629400360f6a3329c069b0fef0727 *dmb2003-07-24d01t05.shn
f74f20481ff76b309e87cd51395daabe *dmb2003-07-24d01t04.shn
1ef9389502a662a1d8a84a8c978ca001 *dmb2003-07-24d01t03.shn
ae2509e9b85df6d535d7c918f7078428 *dmb2003-07-24d01t02.shn
d3b3080e18a6baa5e18d85c2281aba38 *dmb2003-07-24d02t04.shn
07b79cf76e3584144661d4bc66ff7a74 *dmb2003-07-24d02t03.shn
002616f761f936a60c6cbedbbb9ce813 *dmb2003-07-24d02t08.shn
5049f65163db3e0ea5121789cf89b9f8 *dmb2003-07-24d02t02.shn
16cf9780f9547647ded1b543b2487b20 *dmb2003-07-24d02t09.shn
f81008ed27a70842c42cf232c218a9f4 *dmb2003-07-24d02t06.shn
9997e2565a8ff83676ea80224eeb7ff7 *dmb2003-07-24d02t11.shn
23ebbba421ff5a5e4ab97dda34bb88b6 *dmb2003-07-24d02t01.shn
e0efc785ee72d4b118cc55217ba24f80 *dmb2003-07-24d02t05.shn
ddc82f4099d0b5b6264c267c0690964c *dmb2003-07-24d02t10.shn
9d6f867f066f2ab562027a6fb218175c *dmb2003-07-24d02t07.shn

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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