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DMB1993-09-23.asbd.shnf (Unknown)

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Dave Matthews Band
Georiga Theater, Athens, GA

Source: ASBD

Seed: Jake Vigliotti
Lineage: CD > Adobe Premiere 6.0 > WAV > SHN
Editing: Eric Naylor
Lineage: SHN > WAV > editing > SHN

t01 Intro
t02 Jam >
t03 Satellite
t04 Granny
t05 Warehouse
t06 Pay for What You Get
t06 Violin Jam >
t07 True Reflections
t08 Recently
t10 E: Dancing Nancies
t11 Filler: I'll Back You Up

This is only set II of the show, and I don't know whether it's a complete set. I'll Back You Up may or may not be from this date. Nancies is clearly the encore, and Dave says goodnight again after playing it. The beginning of IBYU is cut, so I can't say where it really belongs (if anywhere). Jake sent me the original SHNs of this show, to which I did some editing (resampling, normalization, channel splicing, glitch removal, and fades in/out). Enjoy.

Compiled 3/23/03
Eric Naylor (
Jake Vigliotti (

8131feb47248a40631df4474243e9575 *dmb1993-09-23-t01.shn
eab8c5977395bc3ab91cd4cae58bd98b *dmb1993-09-23-t02.shn
0947001b23c51e3994b1b2d78c1b8297 *dmb1993-09-23-t03.shn
86554660599db2882976524cbf14494b *dmb1993-09-23-t04.shn
c428db9118de4e9335657a8d1f724260 *dmb1993-09-23-t05.shn
bddeb178f56c336e3686b2802f2879de *dmb1993-09-23-t06.shn
d3f3237e70828f0a9b2590f8788f9b4e *dmb1993-09-23-t07.shn
37db8553ca972eb68c436193b8500ade *dmb1993-09-23-t08.shn
6db0d5d04eb87336d507856d68fbd558 *dmb1993-09-23-t09.shn
a735bfe7a1fb4c3bc2b91f37f10878cc *dmb1993-09-23-t10.shn
76393416c008f92a6dbbea5c842aa52d *dmb1993-09-23-t11.shn

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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