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DMB1993-04-18.asbd.shnf (Mark Lynn)

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Dave Matthews Band
April 18, 1993
Brown's Island
Richmond, VA

Source: SBD > Cass(0) > DAT
Mark Lynn

Cass > DAT: Nakamichi CR 7 [AES/EBU] > Lucid AD9624 > Fostex D5 [48KHZ]
Mark Lynn

Conversion: Fostex D5 > Tascam CDRW700
Mark Lynn

CD > SHN: Plextor 8/20 and EAC 0.85b4 secure mode: all tracks 100%
CDWAV used for retracking
Louie Rendek

** seeded by Rob Hartman and Louie Rendek

Track | Name | Time (m:s)
d1t01 Intro/Soundchecking 05:38.60
d1t02 One Sweet World intro 03:11.71
d1t03 One Sweet World 05:21.00
d1t04 Satellite 05:35.71
d1t05 Ants Marching 06:34.64
d1t06 Recently 09:21.48
d1t07 Song That Jane Likes 03:49.54
d1t08 Help Myself 04:40.20

d1 totals 44:14.13

d2t01 True Reflections 06:46.24
d2t02 #36 07:54.27
d2t03 Granny 07:01.09
d2t04 Dancing Nancies 09:19.15
d2t05 Carter drum solo -> 02:35.48
d2t06 Halloween 06:05.29

d2 totals 39:42.02

* There is a spot of static during crowd noise/tuning between Ants and Recently. it
sounds like a board problem.
* There was a tape flip at the end of disc one.
* True Reflections starts abruptly.

* compiled by Louie Rendek


My DAT had a problem where I was only picking up one channel so we had to go with cassette. I have since scored a pure digital version of this show. I'm pretty sure that it does not contain the long intro. This was the first time I really remember hearing #36. All the members of the band were hanging out in the crowd prior to their set and Dave gave me one of the original DMB stickers. This was one of those absolutely beautiful spring days and the kind of thing you would love to do all over again. Even though the band played a short set they somehow still managed to go over their aloted time shorting the headlining band Live who were supposedly pissed. It did not really matter because they had already blown them away. What a great afternoon and excellent set. Check out Dave's comments about taking a piss before the first song!

6f354a6b5a38a2388427f68c8e709efc *dmb1993-04-18d1t01.shn
596bb40ac69ee4d8c1499c1e99c4d1fb *dmb1993-04-18d1t02.shn
692e115d89f500443ae614ae2b7575c1 *dmb1993-04-18d1t03.shn
9f877edb7d89443276affc959c2e50ca *dmb1993-04-18d1t04.shn
e69ae3f02f94908c169b1f932704c2b6 *dmb1993-04-18d1t05.shn
bbbfe942fb5ba2c8bb0b163f934ce521 *dmb1993-04-18d1t06.shn
3fa530c429595e508f435dbafb8b432b *dmb1993-04-18d1t07.shn
ea8f6300632ba7c83df413928e3e9367 *dmb1993-04-18d1t08.shn
d4cbebeb90039b23809f3170f6274239 *dmb1993-04-18d2t01.shn
0578123574e8032a4ae5aa53744676c6 *dmb1993-04-18d2t02.shn
f97c761d476d30e483280b5660dc34b2 *dmb1993-04-18d2t03.shn
41a555aabaffcf4dcaa6fb25c1b23785 *dmb1993-04-18d2t04.shn
35137516652b6ff3dfb2c6f28309655f *dmb1993-04-18d2t05.shn
5c30f7e6f4ca1604558ecf04465a783c *dmb1993-04-18d2t06.shn

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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