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DMB1993-04-02.dsbd/matrix.flac16 (Rick Stern)

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The Dave Matthews Band
April 2, 1993
Salem College
Winston Salem, N.C.

Source: Soundboard + Audio Technica 813>Yamaha MM10 Mixer>Sony D-10 Pro
Taped by: Rick Stern

Transfer: D-10 Pro (original mastering deck)>ODL312>NJB3>Firewire>SoundForge6
(resample to 44.1)>CDArchitect5 (burn & rip)>Flac
Transfer & Tracking by: Rick Stern

**Please DO NOT Convert this show to
MP3 or any other lossy format
to reseed/upload**

Set I
d1t01 Dancing Nancies
d1t02 Lie In Our Graves
d1t03 What Would You Say
d1t04 Typical Situation
d1t05 The Maker
d1t06 Granny
d1t07 Conversation With Audience
d1t08 Recently
d1t09 Jimi Thing

Set II
d2t01 Two Step (Dave only)
d2t02 I'll Back You Up (Dave & Stefan)
d2t03 Ants Marching (long intro jam)
d2t04 Warehouse
d2t05 Angel From Montgomery

d3t01 Help Myself
d3t02 The Song That Jane Likes
d3t03 Spotlight
d3t04 Tuneing/Pregnant Pause
d3t05 Pay For What You Get
d3t06 Tripping Billies
d3t07 Conversation With Audience
d3t08 Minarets
d3t09 Blue Water
d3t10 Halloween

Show Comments

Salem College is an all-girl school in Winston Salem. I got a call
from Carter about 4 that afternoon telling me they were coming into
town. They had a local sound company come in and do the PA, Jeff was
on FOH. Probably about 50 or so people there. I ran a matrix from
my AT-813's and a stereo feed from the board, thru my Yamaha MM10
Portable Mixer. Mainly board, very little room, very clean
mix. This was in the cafeteria of the school. NO ONE (including the
band) has this, there was a DAT in the FOH rack but Jeff didn't bother
to roll it.

This show doesn't appear on any of the sites (antsmarching, etc.), so
it's one of those "lost shows". Except for about 10 seconds of
diginoise/droput in the 2nd set where the tape got chowed when my
3700 was screwing up, it's PRISTINE.

This is hot DMB, when they were NOBODIES and had no idea they were
going to break. They're just a hungry young band, trying to make
it out of Charlottesville. The "Rick" that Carter is dedicating
Halloween to is ME!

The band had originally asked me to sit on this (in '94). It's been
long enough that I don't think they'd mind it getting out. My master
is the ONLY COPY of this show.

Please show me the respect of passing this on as you've found it, and
including this text file (signed & unmodified) in any upload.


Rick "SickRick" Stern

Flac Fingerprints
dmb_04-02-1993_sickrick_mtrx_d1t01.flac:9de8c858dd8cc2d5498a 4df336b522fa
dmb_04-02-1993_sickrick_mtrx_d1t02.flac:25c71b86eb4f667053b6 6bd1dafaa8cc
dmb_04-02-1993_sickrick_mtrx_d1t03.flac:d307633aabad8ab4745b d70bc740ab21
dmb_04-02-1993_sickrick_mtrx_d1t04.flac:859da7ba4359fa84b2d1 e48500ac7669
dmb_04-02-1993_sickrick_mtrx_d1t05.flac:6eea320b82d1b6dfed97 eccad25e2678
dmb_04-02-1993_sickrick_mtrx_d1t06.flac:189476b9285fc8b549b9 e6fda6f42f20
dmb_04-02-1993_sickrick_mtrx_d1t07.flac:0c199a3dc6667f879e54 c3743e0252c6
dmb_04-02-1993_sickrick_mtrx_d1t08.flac:59c7b174102abdbff2a5 a2b1ec787d48
dmb_04-02-1993_sickrick_mtrx_d1t09.flac:3833a50a592780a3e0af 4961b8d52754
dmb_04-02-1993_sickrick_mtrx_d2t01.flac:faf1ef3cb5a02fb4a65d fea6d028b722
dmb_04-02-1993_sickrick_mtrx_d2t02.flac:5d882b403431dd626dbc dde97e0ea3f3
dmb_04-02-1993_sickrick_mtrx_d2t03.flac:4f621e53e50859005786 96764eb6d347
dmb_04-02-1993_sickrick_mtrx_d2t04.flac:0b39fd9fa4012c4d35d5 937e182a191b
dmb_04-02-1993_sickrick_mtrx_d2t05.flac:27339e1189bd468541dc ab6e0a677cf1
dmb_04-02-1993_sickrick_mtrx_d3t01.flac:9e453647c10a3662a454 3d9a16856278
dmb_04-02-1993_sickrick_mtrx_d3t02.flac:263306a244d9be608c10 e3e04ca5270d
dmb_04-02-1993_sickrick_mtrx_d3t03.flac:d7cb41ba0ac495e3e8fe 7dbbdc8a18c4
dmb_04-02-1993_sickrick_mtrx_d3t04.flac:a9d03da6e677490e9746 e900082a3a9b
dmb_04-02-1993_sickrick_mtrx_d3t05.flac:b66f4f0318e555bca23c d2acc49d9fda
dmb_04-02-1993_sickrick_mtrx_d3t06.flac:cc45f939af05218eda0a f5082e6397e5
dmb_04-02-1993_sickrick_mtrx_d3t07.flac:d722e6c25a130b8dd0ce cdb91a78049c
dmb_04-02-1993_sickrick_mtrx_d3t08.flac:f5ece4cc28ba99dddb5a 13f3ba91fa27
dmb_04-02-1993_sickrick_mtrx_d3t09.flac:c59e0041eab33916bba5 4504e250b159
dmb_04-02-1993_sickrick_mtrx_d3t10.flac:aca3640d805fb50c8127 da0dcba9df88

This show was recorded by permission of the band in a taper friendly
enviroment.Please help us keep it that way by sharing this recording
with your friends.By sharing this and other similar recordings you can
help keep live recording free.

Anyone that see's someone trying to SELL this show, should report the
seller IMMEDIATELY to the DMB organization.

**Do NOT sell this show.**

Last Edit: 12/27/04 - 00:50 - Correct Tracklist, add fingerprint for d3t10
sorry for the inconvenience and missing track...


Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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    Re: DMB1993-04-02.dsbd/matrix.flac16 (Rick Stern)

    This is incredible. I cannot wait jump into this show. Thank you so much for making this available.
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