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DMB1993-03-09.daud.shnf (Unknown)

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Dave Matthews Band
March 9th, 1993
Trax - Charlottesville, Virgina

Taper: Unknown
Source Info: DAUD

Conversion: DAT > M Audio Delta H-W > CD WAV Editor > mkw > shn
Conversion by: D. Delaney

**no DAE. dat>wav>shn

Disc One:

01. Granny 04:46
02. Rhyme and Reason 08:29
03. One Sweet World 05:50
04. Minarets > 07:21
05. Blue Water 12:03
06. Jimi Thing 13:20
07. True Reflections* 07:00
08. Lie In Our Graves* 09:11
Disc One Total: 68:00

Disc Two*:

01, 2001 > 05:03
02. Ants Marching 04:40
03. Halloween 06:45
04. Typical Situation 09:25
05. #34 07:45
06. Tripping Billies 04:46
07. Warehouse 07:59
08. Two Step 09:06
Disc Two Total: 55:29

Show Notes:

* with Richard Harding
Miguel Valdez Benefit

note:The original DAT contained 5 seconds of silence, as do the shns.
Compiled by D. Delaney

eb29127ba2971ac914bea46baed4644b *dmb1993-03-09d1t07.shn
9a544bd5f388d3cc20eb3ee430e46660 *dmb1993-03-09d1t02.shn
99d3f9703790542458b2c37cdfe007d1 *dmb1993-03-09d1t03.shn
103b2e426397fcb987cdb3d12db60b89 *dmb1993-03-09d1t04.shn
389a6d196a11ce3f78f9eba7f11349b4 *dmb1993-03-09d1t05.shn
b2f90dd270078a359ea1c94a957fd8ff *dmb1993-03-09d1t06.shn
d1f5d9305249029c236e0dcd132161ed *dmb1993-03-09d1t01.shn
605a239dd97c85cfba1eb693525527ec *dmb1993-03-09d1t08.shn
233959ce7699a9575c2bf120d92875c6 *dmb1993-03-09d2t01.shn
0dd3dd64409c465953e616a4c106162d *dmb1993-03-09d2t02.shn
6dc298ab3dade37ffc1a248886bca41d *dmb1993-03-09d2t03.shn
937d48091edd006c768bcfb1b055cb8d *dmb1993-03-09d2t04.shn
52ee858c7fd6710145698b78e36559c4 *dmb1993-03-09d2t05.shn
158f78cce0fea7d0865d2dc3319c73e6 *dmb1993-03-09d2t06.shn
ac6697ae2609a5aabd69d11724d0ae10 *dmb1993-03-09d2t07.shn
ca34b5d53411ec68155ad21690501c01 *dmb1993-03-09d2t08.shn

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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