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DMB1996-11-07.sony909.flac16 (Unknown)

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Dave Matthews Band
November 7, 1996
Key Arena, Seattle, WA

-Sony 909> MiniDisc> D8> DAT(master)> Audiophile2496> CDWAVE 48k> Cool Edit Pro resample to 44.1k> CDWAVE to track> FLAC
-Recorded at the back of the SBD with microphone hung in rigging 15 feet in the air
-Taped and transferred by EEE

DISC 1 - 62:04:01
t01 - Crowd
t02 - Recently
t03 - Lie In Our Graves
t04 - Tripping Billies
t05 - Two Step
t06 - #41
t07 - Help Myself
t08 - Satellite
t09 - So Much To Say>
t10 - Too Much
t11 - Granny

DISC 2 - 68:52:67
t01 - Jimi Thing
t02 - Minarets\\
t03 - //Typical Situation//
t04 - Rhyme & Reason
t05 - Ants Marching
t06 - I'll Back You Up
t07 - Dancing Nancies

DAT tape change (cut) at end of Minarets (90min DAT tape)
Mini-disc change (cut) at end of Typical Situation

This is the same microphone source that is listed in db.etree:

This source is from my original DAT master that was patched out of the mini-disc that recorded the show. The etree source came from the mini-disc (note that it does NOT have the cut after MINARETS where I put in a new DAT tape, but I have the TYPICAL SITUATIONS cut when he changed discs). This should be an upgrade in that it at least is a known lineage. I have not listened to the circulating copy to compare quality.

f4666ec0ef7edf53ebffc893ba2defe1 *dmb1996-11-07.txt
9f6e83cfb06641999b42f59cab35a72d *dmb1996-11-07d1t01.flac
eef7b74c9e463c7bfcedfad84422243b *dmb1996-11-07d1t02.flac
bf0b2157b14584f5b15aca33bfbb854c *dmb1996-11-07d1t03.flac
2f89dcd5e9a8f71feb87bf58253819fa *dmb1996-11-07d1t04.flac
d3e3b37d4144f80165492d64909a6351 *dmb1996-11-07d1t05.flac
ae82ea5c62a09846763a537360f59492 *dmb1996-11-07d1t06.flac
c279bf81e4fca9753798afc6c04f8724 *dmb1996-11-07d1t07.flac
e3d4482242fb84159d6a3c3b96c54738 *dmb1996-11-07d1t08.flac
82e15136608b270425ca858e80b7feb5 *dmb1996-11-07d1t09.flac
4b2f3f508d75ee8750fe22d6284480b3 *dmb1996-11-07d1t10.flac
8990c64de611fc1d4c91a8b4b343d781 *dmb1996-11-07d1t11.flac
f814ec32f13ce41db6efcea5ae2dceab *dmb1996-11-07d2t01.flac
270df20340f359b42b8fb9a478b8ecee *dmb1996-11-07d2t02.flac
bb4625cc6fdcafc16c7e47967add1299 *dmb1996-11-07d2t03.flac
d9d7b462fbfdd6ab62704b03273ce2d5 *dmb1996-11-07d2t04.flac
ce86c41c45220de86dd42facb5673841 *dmb1996-11-07d2t05.flac
b84be7c4540f577d86cd16d9fee730fb *dmb1996-11-07d2t06.flac
c204f37b798e6937676698bdc730a7ea *dmb1996-11-07d2t07.flac
750dff2ac8f4c942ce03c24287497e73 *dmb1996-11-07ffp.txt

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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    Re: DMB1996-11-07.sony909.flac16 (Unknown)

    thank you !!
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