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DMB1998-12-13.ms957.shnf (Stephen Pzynski)

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Dave Matthews Band

December 13, 1998

Target Center

Minneapolis, MN

Taper: Stephen Pzynski

Source: Sony MS957 > D6 (analogue)

Conversion: (D6>DAT) DA-P1 > COAX/TOSLINK converter >

Dio2448 > Cool Edit Pro v1.2a > CDWav >

MKWact > Plextor 12x/8x/32x via Adaptec

Disc #1:

1. Intro 2:11

2. Best of What's Around 8:08

3. Don't Drink the Water 7:54

4. Jimi Thing 12:50

5. Crash Into Me 6:45

6. Too Much 4:49


Total: 42:37

Disc #2:

1. PNP Intro -> 4:49

2. Pantala Naga Pampa -> 0:40

3. RAPUNZEL 11:23

4. Lie In Our Graves 14:50

5. Say Goodbye 10:17

6. The Last Stop 11:16


Total: 53:15

Disc #3:

1. Crush 11:02

2. Rhyme & Reason 5:41

3. Stay (Wasting Time) 11:38


4. Christmas Song 6:27

5. Two Step 12:46


Total: 47:34

Entire show with Tim Reynolds


Dropouts during BOWA, and LIOG

I edited out the tape flips

I did a bass lift/mid-range cut EQ job in Cool Edit. It still sounds

below average, but it's better than before.

This show was taped with a D6 which is the analogue predecessor

to the D7. I don't know of the conversion from the D6 tapes to the

DAT I got it on, but it came straight from the taper via Adam Meyer.

So, thank you Adam for the DAT (wow, people really DO live in

South Dakota :).

Compiled by Henry Hart on 5.17.02

d8d84ff8f4eea80d0659956afed2e509 *dmb1998-12-13-d3t05.shn
f06d9b670e9e404070b2ccdb84fc5b6a *dmb1998-12-13-d1t01.shn
e9a16387a03693e9d6ce6e3dc4bccb00 *dmb1998-12-13-d1t02.shn
e094494ac7afd57023223781025aa32f *dmb1998-12-13-d1t03.shn
38436e5ce73634694dae6bc96e129384 *dmb1998-12-13-d1t04.shn
01b92c9a698341d41a39d9fcccd998e7 *dmb1998-12-13-d1t05.shn
3534814a94f589813663af6d93aa9e0e *dmb1998-12-13-d1t06.shn
8522ead60044019b0b6d1ca5f7dfac2f *dmb1998-12-13-d2t01.shn
ec0007ddfec1a5c8dd86ebe31ce0483e *dmb1998-12-13-d2t02.shn
f98069454c6a47a118eb72e3ac164567 *dmb1998-12-13-d2t03.shn
bfd803a5ab0bc91dfa3dd26a874e6765 *dmb1998-12-13-d2t04.shn
6f79b407c37e81c5d2f6b6f09d186522 *dmb1998-12-13-d2t05.shn
ef23f622f4c495ee7321d0fc01fbd1d6 *dmb1998-12-13-d2t06.shn
b7e5d3c7f2e071df42eb1539887fd1da *dmb1998-12-13-d3t01.shn
b8cfdca3cb05aa3ea3bcac6177d87fc6 *dmb1998-12-13-d3t02.shn
119ccfc80476a5a627e4e12fefe87a46 *dmb1998-12-13-d3t03.shn
a0b5b634813a50958b359160175f7f41 *dmb1998-12-13-d3t04.shn

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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