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DMB1998-07-25.cmc64.shnf (Jeff Travitz)

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Dave Matthews Band
July 25, 1998
Sony Blockbuster Entertainment Centre
Camden, NJ

Taper: Jeff Travitz
Source: Schoeps CMC6/mk4 > Schoeps VMS > SBM-1 > D8

Conversion: Archive Python DDS/DAT2WAV > .wav >
CD-WAV/mkwACT > .shn > .wav >
Cool Edit Pro v2.0> CDWAV > mkwACT
(Direct DAT extraction, no soundcard)

Disc #1:
1. PNP Intro -> 1:31
2. Pantala Naga Pampa -> 0:40
3. Rapunzel 7:50
4. Two Step 10:18
5. Stay (Wasting Time) 7:30
6. Lover Lay Down 7:17
7. Tripping Billies 8:01
Total: 42:57

Disc #2:
1. Seek Up -> 17:00
2. Crush 13:11
3. Don't Drink the Water* 8:25
4. The Dreaming Tree* 14:47
5. For the Beauty of Wynona* 8:15
Total: 61:36

Disc #3:
1. Jimi Thing 13:47
2. Crash Into Me 6:24
3. Dancing Nancies 11:11
4. Anyone Seen the Bridge? -> 1:38
5. Too Much 9:58
6. The Song That Jane Likes 4:35
7. Greg Howard & Carter Jam -> 5:37
8. All Along the Watchtower* 7:55
Total: 61:05

* w/Greg Howard on Chapman Stick

I recieved this show on a HD from Louie Rendeck coming originally
from a DAT. In this copy, there were dropouts during a 1 minute
portion of Stay. Jeff, the taper, no longer has a copy of his
source and I could not find one anywhere else. I then received
another source of the same show from Allan Chen, but it had random
digi-noise spots in it. So, I took a 1 minute portion from the tape
Allan gave me and mixed it into this source. Allan's source is as follows: cmc64 > Sonosax > D10 Pro (I assume cmc64 means cmc6/mk4).
If anyone has a clean copy of this source, please contact me at Hope yall enjoy it anyway...

Compiled by Henry Hart on 6.2.02

0b29e5a503ff05bb0ff718ed22bd9c70 *dmb1998-07-25-d1t01.shn
9abfba6ff7333de74aad638100be79f2 *dmb1998-07-25-d1t02.shn
ffd18082ed5d6d887c7b9bb8f26cfc1b *dmb1998-07-25-d1t03.shn
9a538f9bb2f0966d31adc1afa0ecac13 *dmb1998-07-25-d1t04.shn
7e857ff7685910f0a934fcb6d681566e *dmb1998-07-25-d1t05.shn
b3f2b0d8d3301fb6dbdd952f88ca790d *dmb1998-07-25-d1t06.shn
6e9c9ebf8d08e3bb67df474375849943 *dmb1998-07-25-d1t07.shn
ace61344e515f94f2577a5f2888d302d *dmb1998-07-25-d2t01.shn
5d436fac47dbffcc914636dfe5ae8cf6 *dmb1998-07-25-d2t02.shn
5c68fb2785248ff53ed261b3394162f1 *dmb1998-07-25-d2t03.shn
3a48226ab688756a84c5ac4082b39372 *dmb1998-07-25-d2t04.shn
5312823b01d8502461ce992270e3b842 *dmb1998-07-25-d2t05.shn
9dbe5ae91c1110cd49d1435ec3418363 *dmb1998-07-25-d3t01.shn
23594e2c52dbe66b1373d0fac6785338 *dmb1998-07-25-d3t02.shn
061fc94fb8eb88ad1700cb91f47653e3 *dmb1998-07-25-d3t03.shn
5446918a671c7c8822d125bee3aca31d *dmb1998-07-25-d3t04.shn
11924ba883419790952d5387b565b7e2 *dmb1998-07-25-d3t05.shn
d5b45582477c86448aecaeda8648c656 *dmb1998-07-25-d3t06.shn
4946568becfcf92849d9c3b60a0f3a99 *dmb1998-07-25-d3t07.shn
a5ffca44dd837bc5b3ea2c19078e6965 *dmb1998-07-25-d3t08.shn

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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