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DMB1998-06-05.at3528.shnf (John Schmidt)

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Dave Matthews Band
June 5, 1998
Foxboro Stadium
Foxboro, MA

Taper: John Schmidt
Source: AT3528 > E.A.A. PSPII > ADC-20 > DA-P1
Location: soundboard area

Conversion: DA-P1 > COAX/TOSLINK converter > Dio2440 >
Cool Edit Pro v2.0 > CDWav > MKWact

Disc #1:
1. Intro 1:19
2. PNP Intro -> 1:48
3. Pantala Naga Pampa *^ -> 0:39
4. Rapunzel *^ 7:44
5. Too Much *^ 6:37
6. Don't Drink the Water @ 8:10
7. Lie In Our Graves *^@ 14:59
8. The Last Stop @ 10:43
Total: 51:59

Disc #2:
1. Drive In Drive Out 7:01
2. Dancing Nancies 12:08
3. The Dreaming Tree *^@ 14:55
4. Tripping Billies 8:01
5. #36 *^@ 12:02
Total: 54:07

1. Crush * 12:37
2. One Sweet World *^ 9:28
3. Stay (Wasting Time) *@# 10:18
4. Crash Into Me 6:14
5. Ants Marching *@ 7:52
Total: 46:29

* with Butch Taylor
^ with Big Voice Jack
@ with Bela Fleck
# with Tawatha Agee, Cindy Myzell, and Brenda White King

I normalized some spots where the wind noise was over -10dB to
then increase the overall volume of the recording, since it was
rarely above -15dB.

There's a fair amount of wind noise in the tape, but this
is the only souce we can find. So, because I've gotten NUMEROUS
requests to get this show out, here it is... Enjoy!

Compiled by Henry Hart on 6.2.02

b3da26ce9265edd9d5f05767b90863b1 *dmb1998-06-05-d1t01.shn
424becc2d9f43f9704cbffa74c77fb78 *dmb1998-06-05-d1t02.shn
4feead188d69a1687cf017de5fe64faa *dmb1998-06-05-d1t03.shn
0daeec138b1623c646b4af10ddda4b26 *dmb1998-06-05-d1t04.shn
0229ee1afb0c0f791599fc073c653974 *dmb1998-06-05-d1t05.shn
8734782b8fbffd2995d51ab9d724cdaa *dmb1998-06-05-d1t06.shn
3444efa7f9186b8024c265b855550433 *dmb1998-06-05-d1t07.shn
bcc714605fb4fd30c4044e6059413ea9 *dmb1998-06-05-d1t08.shn
89fee52210493cb4f0f7feb4f3588bd8 *dmb1998-06-05-d2t01.shn
4e2196c251ee28706bc0a4c1f3af5af6 *dmb1998-06-05-d2t02.shn
5fe7d6a3a1b718975f828d46f98f8104 *dmb1998-06-05-d2t03.shn
0b8ac85198e92a3d19b3fe683f0815cb *dmb1998-06-05-d2t04.shn
2198ff5eb5d2dea4ad701cb260919878 *dmb1998-06-05-d2t05.shn
0f369a7bc6bfadf0894beadeb750dfc1 *dmb1998-06-05-d3t01.shn
ba2cabdb8eb1310f015e42b777ee5c44 *dmb1998-06-05-d3t02.shn
831c8f8ca355b89d76cde82b841daf52 *dmb1998-06-05-d3t03.shn
6449c06d743dedeabe5ad9a6da436b58 *dmb1998-06-05-d3t04.shn
573e4207af97e52d9d9068fdc67e08cd *dmb1998-06-05-d3t05.shn

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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