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DMB1998-05-21.sony959.shnf (Unknown)

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Dave Matthews Bans 12-10-1998 The Palace @ Auburn Hills Auburn Hills Mi.

Disc 1

01,Dont Drink The Water
04,Rhyme & Reason
06,For The Bueaty of Wynona
07,Say Goodbye
08,Too Much

Disc 2
01,Jimi Thing
03,Lie In Our Graves
04,Drive In,Drive Out
05,Two Step
E:06,Christmas Song
07,Tripping Billies

Recorded From Sec.202 Row 7 Seat 9

Sony 959>Sony MZN3

Sony MDS-JE 470>Creative Live Driver IR>CDWav Editor>FLAC

4d9f15e41632a51020a3e9d4ef5412bd *dmb1998-05-21-d1t01.shn
c41ec5e021237596437372051485c387 *dmb1998-05-21-d1t02.shn
0a9ea2850a72e19fe22ef810e882de23 *dmb1998-05-21-d1t03.shn
823cb52730f1ef5285f2ee668547bce0 *dmb1998-05-21-d1t04.shn
119675ef717102fc449fb53a90a50b6f *dmb1998-05-21-d1t05.shn
b4bd3452147ec3c4de563010e0408bb9 *dmb1998-05-21-d1t06.shn
a29b5be92089115b020e824fe8f4db64 *dmb1998-05-21-d1t07.shn
ee31d0839e2ab506806f511bd0e9b9f7 *dmb1998-05-21-d1t08.shn
f2024f066c070837953febf14e727885 *dmb1998-05-21-d1t09.shn
14422fb4eeddc29d1a1e53c41aaa8e15 *dmb1998-05-21-d2t01.shn
72a042a2fdd86246709a11d01e59b889 *dmb1998-05-21-d2t02.shn
5124e913154bcf2e9946891e147286fe *dmb1998-05-21-d2t03.shn
d1529f7589a763941fc29729fb857de7 *dmb1998-05-21-d2t04.shn
ba5e992da815b5a2364df44feeae118f *dmb1998-05-21-d2t05.shn
8bbb6c99a9f2e7a105f4e3fdb4872cfc *dmb1998-05-21-d2t06.shn
493ac46893073c61e7fdbafd252c2601 *dmb1998-05-21-d2t07.shn
d2d11d85beac236dbde1c9bd00aee662 *dmb1998-05-21-d2t08.shn
d9ce716df66b4fc432d75489aa5e3a23 *dmb1998-05-21-d2t09.shn

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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    Re: DMB1998-05-21.sony959.shnf (Unknown)

    thank you !!
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