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D&F2004-01-14.km140.flac16 (Craig Willoughby)

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Dave Matthews and Friends
Wednesday Jan 14 2004
San Diego State University - Cox Arena
San Diego, California
Taper: Craig Willoughby
Source: Neumann KM40> Neumann LC-3 Active Cables> Neumann 100> Sound Devices MP2 > Apogee Mini Me (16/44.1) > Apple iBook
Conversion: Apple iBook > Sound Studio > xACT
Location: section AAA, row 5, seat 42 (stage right stack); Mics 17' high.

Disk I
01: Intro
02: Bartender *
03: Crush *
04: Ill Back You Up *
05: Lie In Our Graves *
06: Little Thing * >
07: Dancing Nancies * >

Disk II
01: Intro >
02: Dodo
03: Trouble
04: Stay Or Leave
05: Up And Away
06: So Damn Lucky
07: Solsbury Hill
08: Save Me
09: Oh
10: Gravedigger
11: Grey Blue Eyes

Disk III
01: Oh, Sister +
02: Some Devil
03: Tell Me Something Good
04: Too High ~
05: Hey Bulldog ~ $
06: Encore (crowd noise)
07: Three Little Birds @ >
08: Bathtub Gin >
09: Everyday
10: Sweet Up and Down
11: Thank You %

Special Guests:
* Dave And Tim
+ Emmylou Harris
~ Buddy Miller
Dave And Trey

% Sly and The Family Stone
@ Bob Marley
$ Beatles

813f02037adda459add36688e63e65e3 *dm+f2004-01-14d01t01.shn
87d82a34a0037be06ddfdb7107b7bd12 *dm+f2004-01-14d01t02.shn
24987a936aa3b07c40b3c8f3437f4e64 *dm+f2004-01-14d01t03.shn
e7ce3ce043d9fd32610ddc054fc6097b *dm+f2004-01-14d01t04.shn
1b103c023ee4f58c49f4e0b994ac7f7c *dm+f2004-01-14d01t05.shn
2a7939b848b6876b9fabddc98ab1f4b2 *dm+f2004-01-14d01t06.shn
78a7834d3303f3a550461f6b687128aa *dm+f2004-01-14d01t07.shn
049a9d8d5028a5af029a79c30b665841 *dm+f2004-01-14d02t01.shn
7769f653d2f9e61529d247819c988a50 *dm+f2004-01-14d02t02.shn
9ae5d94dac53ff9f30eb5092686e48d0 *dm+f2004-01-14d02t03.shn
0517e36e749560b59687d973314a8f5a *dm+f2004-01-14d02t04.shn
58911b32575d06ea4f479d433bf8ec00 *dm+f2004-01-14d02t05.shn
c193da92d4ae4ef28586c487fdfae90c *dm+f2004-01-14d02t06.shn
241440527ad86c5c3b048f2c968900a6 *dm+f2004-01-14d02t07.shn
5ccf8b93aa93b8734201f50cdc84ca92 *dm+f2004-01-14d02t08.shn
11670aebd3ed15c2c808c61e2e275c43 *dm+f2004-01-14d02t09.shn
834a077c79e723b4544a4120faa23c13 *dm+f2004-01-14d02t10.shn
cc667b4c6e24c52a137e770cef64e616 *dm+f2004-01-14d02t11.shn
3a758e438d0c89ad6afff6ba3ca6512c *dm+f2004-01-14d03t01.shn
1fdacb66e2de3721d40f174f42dc6c61 *dm+f2004-01-14d03t02.shn
0aad81afb6db675e1cb7bff5d0d4ca19 *dm+f2004-01-14d03t03.shn
c66434e92be4e6a67a0f6ed40261e563 *dm+f2004-01-14d03t04.shn
ddd4e20db77289cb22526af4aeeb0630 *dm+f2004-01-14d03t05.shn
d3e436167182516b3a75be61927fbf81 *dm+f2004-01-14d03t06.shn
e4bd20dadaa17a0509705128f0238348 *dm+f2004-01-14d03t07.shn
d1e93eae08dced01d7c9773ca830e998 *dm+f2004-01-14d03t08.shn
1278a91883f719f1e3621ef7227c1530 *dm+f2004-01-14d03t09.shn
be1b7ab92f5550ac8b3a4d027c407a33 *dm+f2004-01-14d03t10.shn
a98bd215032f2bc191e57097e5af3a94 *dm+f2004-01-14d03t11.shn

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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