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DMB2010-11-05.akg483.flac16 (Will Clark)

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Dave Matthews Band
Times Union Center
Albany, NY

Taper - W Clark
Source - AKG 483 > LB > M-10
Location - Sec 106, Row BB, Seat 5
Conversion - M-10 > Audacity > xACT

You Might Die Trying
Don't Drink the Water
Lying In The Hands Of God
So Damn Lucky > (Diggin A Ditch)
I'll Back You Up ^
Shake Me Like A Monkey
Corn Bread
What Would You Say *
Jimi Thing *
The Song That Jane Likes
Grey Street
All Along The Watchtower
Rye Whiskey #
You And Me
The Last Stop

unless noted, Entire show with…
Tim Reynolds on Guitar
Jeff Coffin on Sax
^ Dave, Carter, Stefan, Tim
* Sam Kininger on Sax
# Dave Solo

dmb2010-11-05akg483.d1t01.flac:9e692e25af52453e1ce6f71db2de7a 70
dmb2010-11-05akg483.d1t02.flac:f492f39c6e7cf038db1ba160451166 9f
dmb2010-11-05akg483.d1t03.flac:8f32aa6d013933431741169d637f68 99
dmb2010-11-05akg483.d1t04.flac:a37cee4661db5d7ce5fbd584fc38b2 a3
dmb2010-11-05akg483.d1t05.flac:788e59943516d922d6a9fd37009191 cc
dmb2010-11-05akg483.d1t06.flac:cc33b564ce869b935eb2d5101142f8 62
dmb2010-11-05akg483.d1t07.flac:64e8c57bc4d2cd90742799bdb041ed f0
dmb2010-11-05akg483.d2t01.flac:03d035ecae1cfb1857cdaed78b9450 ab
dmb2010-11-05akg483.d2t02.flac:eab1e83822797de1f6cd13d64c5aa7 17
dmb2010-11-05akg483.d2t03.flac:9dee7a1876b8653dad9a35006b7674 47
dmb2010-11-05akg483.d2t04.flac:e86e25a972500e35dc0598d5457db5 d8
dmb2010-11-05akg483.d2t05.flac:d8413fd5137434209678d0568e2da2 4a
dmb2010-11-05akg483.d2t06.flac:0d70dcff59bc2d27837c76b8a248d4 ba
dmb2010-11-05akg483.d3t01.flac:41aaa56113f9da110ba298204228ea 0f
dmb2010-11-05akg483.d3t02.flac:c01209ad14ae35bd95cd8eefaabe5a 34
dmb2010-11-05akg483.d3t03.flac:5c32c2c20f69ba44904547d90941b2 f0
dmb2010-11-05akg483.d3t04.flac:b87b0007eb11aa9fc9a895748427b0 2e
dmb2010-11-05akg483.d3t05.flac:91d5bb1c54bb6a1c8a1ff6615d2bb8 b4
dmb2010-11-05akg483.d3t06.flac:d6bf3758a4266348339773fcd759ec 9d
dmb2010-11-05akg483.d3t07.flac:8551a79621c156595eb606f074588e 02
dmb2010-11-05akg483.d3t08.flac:e5d719c43d14aa4c6d639662a58071 d7

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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