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DMB2010-02-20.mk012.flac16 (hhtfp)

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Dave Matthews Band
Zenith, Munich

Lineage: Oktava MK012 > M-Audio Microtrack II @ 24/96 > PC > WAV (16/44.1) > flac
Taped , edited & transferred by hhtfp
Seeded by helm

01. Audience (2:23)
02. Pantala Naga Pampa > Rapunzel (7:53)
03. Funny The Way It Is (6:52)
04. You Might Die Trying (8:52)
05. Seven (6:01)
06. Why I Am (4:54)
07. Squirm (5:21)
08. Spaceman (7:01)
09. Crash (Into Me) (6:30)
10. Lying In The Hands Of God (12:23)
11. Burning Down The House (5:51)
12. You And Me (5:16)
13. Crush (17:47)
14. Alligator Pie (5:34)
15. Shake Me Like A Monkey (6:26)
16. Don't Drink The Water (9:47)
1st encore:
17. Baby Blue *) (5:03)
18. Two Step (21:57)
2nd Encore:
19. All Along The Watchtower (10:03)

*) Dave Matthews solo

Free trade only!
Buy their official stuff and visit their shows!


; wholefile md5 checksum file generated by Trader's Little Helper
; generated on February 21, 2010, at 15:46:23

fb5b839ef8218cd6c7dfd486743ab05d *DMB 2010-02-20t01.MK012.hhtfp-fixed.flac
6aacf01dae8a151f0aec7f4e4490b0af *DMB 2010-02-20t02.MK012.hhtfp-fixed.flac
9a1970cf7555b0632d33e7369b1ca745 *DMB 2010-02-20t03.MK012.hhtfp-fixed.flac
f7c0828713a4f30ad7b916abaad53870 *DMB 2010-02-20t04.MK012.hhtfp-fixed.flac
9f4a963b39725f7b73281617aa293e35 *DMB 2010-02-20t05.MK012.hhtfp-fixed.flac
bb74748cef4be78e2b325870882277bc *DMB 2010-02-20t06.MK012.hhtfp-fixed.flac
93eef1ab073f9699d8607e83fdf7bdca *DMB 2010-02-20t07.MK012.hhtfp-fixed.flac
2cfee5545a8dbb13e7c8e23d8d517678 *DMB 2010-02-20t08.MK012.hhtfp-fixed.flac
3b148f45220338cb058a942cbc54366b *DMB 2010-02-20t09.MK012.hhtfp-fixed.flac
fbbf91503f0f64cbc891462d1ececed1 *DMB 2010-02-20t10.MK012.hhtfp-fixed.flac
474057df017920a065dee2f476f14dea *DMB 2010-02-20t11.MK012.hhtfp-fixed.flac
6826483ea1f0872c1abec718fd5762dd *DMB 2010-02-20t12.MK012.hhtfp-fixed.flac
b1b0cb445d60d1dadea0f0bfffa61b0c *DMB 2010-02-20t13.MK012.hhtfp-fixed.flac
dee20fc490d739863fc77ab799eedcb7 *DMB 2010-02-20t14.MK012.hhtfp-fixed.flac
33358285c1bec8522676901be2285d63 *DMB 2010-02-20t15.MK012.hhtfp-fixed.flac
87d949c6d7ae90671034a1e29072e836 *DMB 2010-02-20t16.MK012.hhtfp-fixed.flac
e395ed072d5a6768089925b7af65ac5f *DMB 2010-02-20t17.MK012.hhtfp-fixed.flac
1019378919686be5549df03666d711c9 *DMB 2010-02-20t18.MK012.hhtfp-fixed.flac
8501dbd4a4a1a3a5caeff9b0bb13e011 *DMB 2010-02-20t19.MK012.hhtfp-fixed.flac

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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