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DMB2009-07-28.mk219.flac16 (Matt Hucul)

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Dave Matthews Band
July 28, 2009
DTE Energy Music Theatre
Clarkston, MI

Taper: Matt Hucul (Carter41)
Source: Oktava MK219 (X/Y @ 17') > Battery Box > iRiver h120 (Rockbox) @ 44.1khz
Location: Section RT2, Row E, Seat 16
Conversion: iRiver h120 > Adobe Audition (editing) >
CDwave v1.95 > Flac Frontend (at level 6)

Track | Name | Time (m:s)
d1t01 Intro 01:30:41
d1t02 Proudest Monkey > 07:27.55
d1t03 Satellite 05:39.08
d1t04 Funny the Way It Is 06:14.01
d1t05 You Never Know 08:59.35
d1t06 One Sweet World 08:16.29
d1t07 (Shotgun) 01:11.25
d1t08 Squirm 06:03.74
d1t09 Lying in the Hands of God 10:33.55
d1t10 Burning Down the House 04:55.40
d1t11 Lie In Our Graves 11:23.16
d1t12 Alligator Pie 05:31.61

Disc 1 Total: 77:46.65

d2t01 Jimi Thing 16:01.56
d2t02 Seven 04:45.02
d2t03 Dancing Nancies > 10:51.40
d2t04 Warehouse 10:11.16
d2t05 Why I Am 05:06.43
d2t06 Shake Me Like a Monkey 04:26.12
d2t07 (Still Water) > 01:15.39
d2t08 Don't Drink the Water 11:28.36
d2t09 You & Me 05:24.16
d2t10 Time Bomb 06:31.70

Disc 2 Total: 76:02.30

- Thanks to Jay Yee for the tickets.
- Special thanks to Michael Smith for the helping hand, emotional support,
and incredible duct taping skills...and for the free bottle of wine. Red wine.
- Super special thanks to The Thinkpad. RIP.

Compiled by Matt Hucul ( on 07/29/09

dmb2009-07-28.mk219.d1t01.flac:851df1ab360e5e6a1153aecbaee38b c7
dmb2009-07-28.mk219.d1t02.flac:8c951c3b65b60450c3ffbdf078e121 7f
dmb2009-07-28.mk219.d1t03.flac:379295afa1686b2c8912ac6af08a93 21
dmb2009-07-28.mk219.d1t04.flac:0f06e5114342deb3c5195254155bb5 c8
dmb2009-07-28.mk219.d1t05.flac:d28a16744f44f8eac1553aa821eaee 04
dmb2009-07-28.mk219.d1t06.flac:45a4572acbb0557b67138b8b8eed53 b8
dmb2009-07-28.mk219.d1t07.flac:621f8e4337e942c888d9b102bcd977 55
dmb2009-07-28.mk219.d1t08.flac:2e071e81b527f2ac2959edce953875 92
dmb2009-07-28.mk219.d1t09.flac:30f3996083a51412a097c3ba8b754f 7d
dmb2009-07-28.mk219.d1t10.flac:361e5b65a2fdb42144510c71cda821 c0
dmb2009-07-28.mk219.d1t11.flac:9c45450b057e552189123ca9e433e2 a5
dmb2009-07-28.mk219.d1t12.flac:69b3e1a69f682be632ee24aba19a55 99
dmb2009-07-28.mk219.d2t01.flac:971879042e0f2f4da9cce41b0733d0 59
dmb2009-07-28.mk219.d2t02.flac:8e6140113189802a213b1cae9e5817 e6
dmb2009-07-28.mk219.d2t03.flac:05692f7150484752cfba4a659a7d87 cd
dmb2009-07-28.mk219.d2t04.flac:4f1879e3d4b19144864011a763e44d ad
dmb2009-07-28.mk219.d2t05.flac:cea35d349e90f15070490985c7dc33 31
dmb2009-07-28.mk219.d2t06.flac:849f058e0e743089e89c2f9504d696 d1
dmb2009-07-28.mk219.d2t07.flac:ab946e4c7f3f1d5584c5a952f64536 82
dmb2009-07-28.mk219.d2t08.flac:4716a616e7c7ea3bbdc55d49746193 e2
dmb2009-07-28.mk219.d2t09.flac:ec32bcc11759d67c841ec54eaa4a54 aa
dmb2009-07-28.mk219.d2t10.flac:a8e44fc755d7b8a3129a3c77db0bf1 a6

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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