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DMB2009-07-25.mbho.flac16 (Unknown)

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Dave Matthews Band
10KLF 2009
Soo Pass Ranch
Detroit Lakes, Minnesota
July 25, 2009

MBHO MBP 603 ka500hn > Aeta Mix 2000 (analog) > Edirol R09 @ 24/48hz
SDHC > Audacity 16/44.1 > CD wave > Flac (8) > TLH
Taper Soling (
DIN @ 9ft sec DFC FOB ~ 75 yards from stage

Run Time: 151:40

Dave Matthews Band
10,000 Lakes Festival
Detroit Lakes, MN

01 Shake Me Like a Monkey *
02 Seek Up *
03 Squirm *
04 (Still Water) > Donít Drink the Water *
05 Spaceman * > Corn Bread *
06 Jimi Thing *
07 Why I Am *
08 So Damn Lucky *
09 Lying In the Hands of God *
10 Burning Down The House *
11 Alligator Pie *
12 Ants Marching *
13 Pantala Naga Pampa * > Rapunzel *
14 Two Step *

15 Crowd Banter
16 You and Me *
17 (Water Into Wine) > All Along The Watchtower *

Special Guests:
* Jeff Coffin

(song name) indicates a partial song

Special Guests:
* Jeff Coffin

Big thank you to the Minnesota Taping Crew and Friends for communal blocking FOB (video cameras not present at this show). A little rough in spots. Better tapes forthcoming no doubt.

Support those artists and venues that allow taping. See them live, buy their mechandise, bring a friend to the show.
this recording for trading only, not for sale. Trade in lossless formats only (keep mp3 for personal use only.

; wholefile md5 checksum file generated by Trader's Little Helper
; generated on July 26, 2009, at 9:57 pm

bd64698316700cf7bc980b86315e79b8 *DMB2009-07-25_MBHO_TK01.flac
f476752fa2343c766ff719f133e3c120 *DMB2009-07-25_MBHO_TK02.flac
9013d213a222bbf47db9314063ea8b75 *DMB2009-07-25_MBHO_TK03.flac
3ed04fe0c821ac9e019a1c0a130e7c7c *DMB2009-07-25_MBHO_TK04.flac
b9cae128b22183a55e1b8357540cc2a1 *DMB2009-07-25_MBHO_TK05.flac
02131c41ca669fb0dc3584c4eb332d58 *DMB2009-07-25_MBHO_TK06.flac
5ea77fb4fbf4876f9c90548986b2f113 *DMB2009-07-25_MBHO_TK07.flac
5b3fb66b4d1bdcc3f076f49de84d350d *DMB2009-07-25_MBHO_TK08.flac
177591df7a7811293f82b1214df5f85f *DMB2009-07-25_MBHO_TK09.flac
43a4992839d58e222990804f0106c086 *DMB2009-07-25_MBHO_TK10.flac
fc465084b56b7a817b3b43287e8e0ff0 *DMB2009-07-25_MBHO_TK11.flac
b650e368b51e3cac972661f7ec8a5834 *DMB2009-07-25_MBHO_TK12.flac
63998f0809f49172baf0193d0ad654c9 *DMB2009-07-25_MBHO_TK13.flac
aacfa42783f40f726d795a4693c1845e *DMB2009-07-25_MBHO_TK14.flac
54e549d7584ac1a5633ad3aef33387eb *DMB2009-07-25_MBHO_TK15.flac
0a56f89314f18e29dfe29f89301051f6 *DMB2009-07-25_MBHO_TK16.flac
64a75da4cf67cb7c671a4aa40fd61233 *DMB2009-07-25_MBHO_TK17.flac

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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