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D&T1999-02-06.at3528.shnf (Mike Heally)

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Dave Mattews and Tim Reynolds

February 6, 1999

Jorgenson Auditorium(UConn)

Storrs, CT

Taper: Mike Heally

Source: Audio-Technica AT3528->Tascam DA-P1

From: Stage left stack second row

DAT>CD: Unknown

Equip: Unknown

CD>SHN: Andrew Knowles

Equip: Matshita CR-5850 and EAC 0.85b4 secure mode: all tracks 100%

CDWAV used for retracking

Disc 1:

01: Intro - 00:50

02: Nature->Tripping Billies - 08:07

03: One Sweet World(Swim Naked) - 11:06

04: Lie In Our Graves - 07:11

05: So Much To Say - 04:26

06: If I Had A Boat - 03:45

07: Crush - 08:49

08: Reconcile Our Differences-> - 02:43

09: Don't Drink The Water(This Land) - 12:48

d1 totals - 59:45

Disc 2:

01: Jimi Thing(You Shook Me)->% - 05:56

02: What Will Become Of Me-> - 02:32

03: Pantala Naga Pampa - 02:19

04: Proudest Monkey-> - 05:30

05: Satellite - 04:42

06: Chatterbox+ - 06:45

07: Crash Into Me(Dixie Chicken) - 05:59

08: Two Step - 07:16

09: Cry Freedom - 09:28

10: Say Goodbye - 05:45

d2 totals -

Disc 3:

01: Stone Intro-> - 00:16

02: The Stone(Fools Rush In) - 07:01

03: To Touch Yearning+# - 09:13

04: #41 - 05:30

05: Dancing Nancies - 09:28


06: Pay For What You Get! - 05:28

07: It's nice to have friends around but... - 01:17

08: What Would You Say^ - 05:36

09: All Along The Watchtower@ - 06:39

d3 totals - 50:28

-Show Notes-

% First "You Shook Me" outro

+ Tim Solo.

# Has tons of jamming in the middle, *might* include parts of

other songs, but not likely.

! Noregian Wood, Message In A Bottle(instramental) outros

^ With John Popper on harmonica. Only WWYS of tour and first

accoustic since 01-23-97

@ With John Popper on harmonica and vocals

There is a reason that this show is sometimes mislabeled as a SBD>DAT.

It truely sounds amazing. I was there that night and never would

have thought a tape like this could have made it out of that rowdy


The very begining of Jimi Thing is cut(1/2 a second maybe). Also, right

after Two Step ends the is a quick dropout.

There might be a perfect copy out there but I can't find it. This is

as good as I have gotten. There were a lot of mp3s of this show around

this has a true digital lineage.

Compiled by Andrew Knowles on 05-03-01

8c010005a59c79c5f63cbb40f1461d53 *d&t1999-02-06d1t01.shn
55f170e120fb8cacd81917715ee1dc2b *d&t1999-02-06d1t02.shn
6a5b6d0e2b26f2cb9247d34bee9de60c *d&t1999-02-06d1t03.shn
d877b62702858b407059103b02acae5f *d&t1999-02-06d1t04.shn
1d33d664fb055522a5702993b0b7deca *d&t1999-02-06d1t05.shn
7f77273648e21636c29bc7dfdf7ed882 *d&t1999-02-06d1t06.shn
61c9afa4558403039e0c34023f861c07 *d&t1999-02-06d1t07.shn
9520082b5ea5222e29c0f92dba6c42cb *d&t1999-02-06d1t08.shn
088414103ae3469e55f385cd599532b8 *d&t1999-02-06d1t09.shn
54d3518c38d506ce9cf69f701bb96ad4 *d&t1999-02-06d2t01.shn
ea664c5313b8e4d0feab1d72764d5d1a *d&t1999-02-06d2t02.shn
eaf8d858d2ad4282579d3e6289d58597 *d&t1999-02-06d2t03.shn
89a5252be1a85ebcfa20d3624046abfc *d&t1999-02-06d2t04.shn
b2461eea77ee8a8ead27f2c11197fec6 *d&t1999-02-06d2t05.shn
461108b4fcb498ca77ef4cfcfb245d88 *d&t1999-02-06d2t06.shn
82c7fbb5a15eee862b9d3f3426295dee *d&t1999-02-06d2t07.shn
62c53738fe7fb1d94d0cdb2f1f73e8aa *d&t1999-02-06d2t08.shn
f1ffb407219de956bf58b1942652f8b2 *d&t1999-02-06d2t09.shn
f7e6ecd9a3fcd832679ad2f533c0c301 *d&t1999-02-06d2t10.shn
f97c008dd79c250c7621f60735ab766c *d&t1999-02-06d3t01.shn
42adca17f1c863733f60f73cc919fedf *d&t1999-02-06d3t02.shn
1947226c3ef13cc8a39bb9711047719a *d&t1999-02-06d3t03.shn
8e0dbc25473f5e53db8fb466a8497863 *d&t1999-02-06d3t04.shn
baeefa8b707503c67b35b6ca5db55f42 *d&t1999-02-06d3t05.shn
13bf57f6ddfb36c55b3c3602cac6462e *d&t1999-02-06d3t06.shn
26622f8c4c357ee124761f1dedaa3c64 *d&t1999-02-06d3t07.shn
3cab3967e8599fb7579a99de0258f912 *d&t1999-02-06d3t08.shn
7f245fba2ee9cc4f735565bd27311c71 *d&t1999-02-06d3t09.shn

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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