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D&T2007-03-10.akg461.flac16 (Bob Haag)

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Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds
March 10th, 2007
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Taper: Bob Haag
Location: 1.5ft from the left stack
Source: AKG 460 JW Mods ck61's > SD 722 @ 24/96
Conversion: SD 722 > Dell D600 > wavelab > CD Wav > FLAC

******* DO NOT CONVERT TO MP3 ************
******* 24/96 version of this show exists!***********

Disc 1 Time: 01:18:54

01 Intro
02 Bartender
03 Stay or Leave
04 Save Me
05 So Damn Lucky
06 Old Dirt Hill
07 Lie In Our Graves
08 Smooth Rider
09 Crush
10 Grey Street
11 The Maker
12 Little Thing
13 Jimi Thing > What Will Become of Me > PNP

Disc 2 Time: 01:17:04

01 Tim Solo
02 Gravedigger
03 Grace Is Gone
04 Oh
05 #41 > Everday outro
06 Crash Indo Me
07 Dancing Nancies
08 Some Devil*
09 (Still Water) >
10 Don't Drink the Water
11 Sister
12 Two Step

* Dave Solo

Created by Bob Haag 03-13-07

d+t2007-03-10akgmodd02t12.flac:6a78d5d31f16207f9bff4ec0313451 50
d+t2007-03-10akgmodd01t01.flac:c5a7a3779996a5413fa5c1f948e43e 2a
d+t2007-03-10akgmodd01t02.flac:3bb88d8e22885dda2dc77f734642ad 22
d+t2007-03-10akgmodd01t03.flac:228d73c5f5e6bed512349efac9ee77 fb
d+t2007-03-10akgmodd01t04.flac:0daf0c3e7ae35d57cdef88b51668ce ea
d+t2007-03-10akgmodd01t05.flac:8ebf0757da074cd24a2263e124d828 ec
d+t2007-03-10akgmodd01t06.flac:b262312ec1a58cd86904f371b9afc8 7a
d+t2007-03-10akgmodd01t07.flac:bb4eaad7a5b671c2177fdd50be6e83 99
d+t2007-03-10akgmodd01t08.flac:67cbab470c3a5f329d62912919b155 8c
d+t2007-03-10akgmodd01t09.flac:c680cf1c7fae8d97b6382beed1cfd8 df
d+t2007-03-10akgmodd01t10.flac:c3a4bf205c5628d79826d930a1f991 e8
d+t2007-03-10akgmodd01t11.flac:4a0815ddc7e9c4b19831f43815941d fd
d+t2007-03-10akgmodd01t12.flac:b667ada638c1ecc244a256e2e51153 0b
d+t2007-03-10akgmodd01t13.flac:0fd2fe4a5451f5c85030e0c5c74281 6b
d+t2007-03-10akgmodd02t01.flac:f3990298fa9cabfff90665c7e569b3 c8
d+t2007-03-10akgmodd02t02.flac:8001343214f03ff92bc1356903ff29 8d
d+t2007-03-10akgmodd02t03.flac:6c46e0243f579cc2d74e9ad83cd588 f7
d+t2007-03-10akgmodd02t04.flac:f1ee654ccd8c27ae6f4a92353c414a 40
d+t2007-03-10akgmodd02t05.flac:08d23f554e45a9ad63eb80004dad83 5c
d+t2007-03-10akgmodd02t06.flac:5a6cec8bbeb53ccf0f7244741dff83 41
d+t2007-03-10akgmodd02t07.flac:a8de6570ac59ed6b2d9b883ffb68c4 14
d+t2007-03-10akgmodd02t08.flac:d9b137d36c4b0791ad890b88b7ed46 f3
d+t2007-03-10akgmodd02t09.flac:bf70bf69cb806054b335c6096e1933 68
d+t2007-03-10akgmodd02t10.flac:77e75525b488b5a0d9856e33a93594 6e
d+t2007-03-10akgmodd02t11.flac:458db5e2d74c82b5d061a5cefc600e 6f

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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