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D&T2003-05-05.akg483.shnf (Eric Naylor)

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Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
Tiger Kloof School Benefit
Mullins Center, Universiy of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA

Taper: Eric Naylor
Source: AKG 480/ck63 > Lunatec V3 > Tascam DA-P1
Setup: 3rd row, left stack, 16' stand, A-B mics
Conversion: Tascam DA-20mkII > Audiophile 2496

d1t01 Intro
d1t02 Bartender
d1t03 When the World Ends
d1t04 The Stone
d1t05 So Much to Say
d1t06 Where Are You Going
d1t07 Two Step
d1t08 Gravedigger
d1t09 Improv >
d1t10 Satellite
d1t11 The Maker

d2t01 Don't Drink the Water
d2t02 Crush
d2t03 Everyday
d2t04 Stay or Leave
d2t05 Tim solo
d2t06 Jimi Thing >
d2t07 What Will Become of Me
d2t08 Grace Is Gone
d2t09 Grey Street

d3t01 Cry Freedom
d3t02 Lie in Our Graves
d3t03 Crash into Me
d3t04 Tim solo
d3t05 #41
d3t06 Intro >
d3t07 Dancing Nancies
d3t08 E: Long Black Veil
d3t09 E: Ants Marching

Compiled by Eric Naylor

53bda20af6641fd630e82471b895bb75 *d+t2003-05-05-d1t11.shn
602a84e108dcfc2b7cd3849467558282 *d+t2003-05-05-d1t01.shn
11af2f12369723e9e83c7e83f616b5e3 *d+t2003-05-05-d1t02.shn
4c1cfff2d7e64b3996d7e4b41d970729 *d+t2003-05-05-d1t03.shn
c30235d8e6b0e0b600aacadd5d11d838 *d+t2003-05-05-d1t04.shn
b59f93feac7a67f65936363e373cf8c9 *d+t2003-05-05-d1t05.shn
62c00cf0702ea7b31ed5a3e37829d9c7 *d+t2003-05-05-d1t06.shn
9fa978a07fabc3a5baf986c5f62fe747 *d+t2003-05-05-d1t07.shn
6556b4d20dd0adce9ecd1e743bc6002d *d+t2003-05-05-d1t08.shn
5acbcddf858d62aa1c523c3dfcbd6644 *d+t2003-05-05-d1t09.shn
97ba23d41054d5f18862d3e49aeeade7 *d+t2003-05-05-d1t10.shn
4c016f12e3078b828f3d5f793fae514a *d+t2003-05-05-d2t09.shn
55f19b7d524ad496bb3975f4917394f0 *d+t2003-05-05-d2t01.shn
86c9fdf2da00cc17d6891703870ac0ca *d+t2003-05-05-d2t02.shn
84caa216aa3841bcf8c74ac27f207ad7 *d+t2003-05-05-d2t03.shn
8314d432daa71a6fcff7b9da718f7a3e *d+t2003-05-05-d2t04.shn
35092f86d7ab046effc247f8212594e7 *d+t2003-05-05-d2t05.shn
2375f2d59a0c3f96929bae6081b7f005 *d+t2003-05-05-d2t06.shn
051b9677c71277bc455d524d9d0619b5 *d+t2003-05-05-d2t07.shn
9d5118dbfa4bc8b6b0659842a82104af *d+t2003-05-05-d2t08.shn
479425d88c4338fae677647137d42dea *d+t2003-05-05-d3t09.shn
c7421e580acf7e04037b8d82cc19040d *d+t2003-05-05-d3t01.shn
9fc8cb01dd4f341d0d3275f477ee1a0f *d+t2003-05-05-d3t02.shn
0effdfcb5bf6548449e0d435e2872289 *d+t2003-05-05-d3t03.shn
7cd67629537a16f8b56ba11dca3d8593 *d+t2003-05-05-d3t04.shn
3c8ba28e98ad4f06b9911445cc4199bd *d+t2003-05-05-d3t05.shn
5ae45beb342cda0e8e7953b08f58a354 *d+t2003-05-05-d3t06.shn
eba79efad7452a63970dbd82042c9d31 *d+t2003-05-05-d3t07.shn
7d97effa0ffbffc930c666610211e491 *d+t2003-05-05-d3t08.shn

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