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D&T1997-07-13.daud.shnf (Unknown)

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Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds
July 13, 1997
Winter Park American Music Festival
Winter Park, CO

Source: AUD > Cass(x) > DAT

Cass > DAT: Nakamichi CR 7 [AES/EBU] > Lucid AD9624 > Fostex D5 [48KHZ]
Mark Lynn

Conversion: PCM-R500 > Audiomedia III/Powermac G3/233 > Pro Tools 4.3.2 >
Plextor 12x/4x/32x (burn/extract) > CDWAV for tracking
Mike Vernal and Louie Rendek

Track | Name | Time (m:s)
d1t01 Intro 03:11.49
d1t02 Lie In Our Graves 07:51.22
d1t03 Tripping Billies 06:22.31
d1t04 Recently 04:39.71
d1t05 Two Step 07:59.53
d1t06 The Maker 05:20.43
d1t07 Dancing Nancies 06:48.51
d1t08 Spoon # 04:00.29

d1 totals 46:14.49

d2t01 #41 06:21.58
d2t02 Song That Jane Likes 04:10.67
d2t03 Jimi Thing (what will become of me) 08:26.27
d2t04 Crash Into Me 08:02.58
d2t05 Warehouse (passion) 10:11.11
d2t06 Stream $ 05:49.61
d2t07 Too Much (cut) 03:02.33

d2 totals 46:05.15

# first time played
$ Tim solo.

* There are some spots with windnoise problems.
* There are some spots on this tape that it is tough to listen to, but others where
it is not too bad. This show is extremely rare.
* The analog tape flip happened toward the end of Spoon. Some of that song is missing
and there is a fade out/in within the song.
* Please note that Typical, Let You Down, and Ants are all missing.

* compiled by Louie Rendek on May 16, 2001

6c09efd7bd0a1f5caf77397bf4d0174d *d+t1997-07-13d1t01.shn
3f580811c3a09614f0110e44503e25b5 *d+t1997-07-13d1t02.shn
d5a3a1f5bf34f1563167ff8b74ff1da8 *d+t1997-07-13d1t03.shn
ded03cd7221ce95856e8f061de8ec617 *d+t1997-07-13d1t04.shn
28cabf9c93d39bbd9a8c71b698a53649 *d+t1997-07-13d1t05.shn
08b89b8ae9cb5d7ebb5359e5e1825d5c *d+t1997-07-13d1t06.shn
5b8ea9c1bb8e735fbde11891ca2f120f *d+t1997-07-13d1t07.shn
af2dfef5ff9bb166a8b3df8c8217dc02 *d+t1997-07-13d1t08.shn
a93f031c4ed50679d1b16e6dc15e7618 *d+t1997-07-13d2t01.shn
ff676bec5f08ed2fe8409af8d2a8fdfe *d+t1997-07-13d2t02.shn
48ab16099f89c00ca1c51558d64ac56c *d+t1997-07-13d2t03.shn
b980408e30c8f5aaff2e05b8182d5bb2 *d+t1997-07-13d2t04.shn
1022d9a0d280fba5c9c3257731e4d19c *d+t1997-07-13d2t05.shn
ef450597bb3b4e545af0847271431ebd *d+t1997-07-13d2t06.shn
cdd820d8eb71866135ddcb8a260213e2 *d+t1997-07-13d2t07.shn

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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