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D&T1997-02-07.mk4.shnf (Unknown)

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Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds
February 07, 1997
Township Auditorium
Columbia, SC

Taper: Unknown
Source: FOB Schoeps CMBi/mk4->HHb PortaDAT

DAT > SHN: Paul Colomb
Equip: Sony M1>DATPort>Cool Edit Pro>CDWav


Disc 1:

01: Intro
02: One Sweet World
03: Lie In Our Graves
04: #41
05: Crazy
06: Dancing Nancies
07: Let You Down
08: Dave Speak
09: Two Step
10: Lover Lay Down

Disc 2:

01: Jimi Thing->
02: What Will Become of Me
03: Granny
04: So Much To Say
05: Proudest Monkey->
06: Satellite
07: Help Myself
08: I'll Back You Up
09: Say Goodbye
10: Too Much (Fame)

Disc 3:

01: Crash Into Me (Mr. Tambourine Man)
02: You Are My Sanity
03: Cryptorchild
04: Angel From Montgomery
05: Minarets->
06: Dreamed I Killed God->
07: Typical Situation
08: Seek Up
09: Ants Marching
10: Warehouse (Passion)

on d1t01 there are two 1/2 second patches of some kind of somewhat
odd noise, like digi-noise, but not like most digi-doise i have
heard, this noise is on the DAT though, and it is the only flaw i found

13d510d48c457782bb257be8dc2ada15 *1997-02-07d1t03.shn
324fd19706b3b4ebf2b4328c16c9d756 *1997-02-07d1t04.shn
2162e32e6ce042360d3efe7bcb19f156 *1997-02-07d1t05.shn
aa91406a9f037aa03e2f37261dca3ac5 *1997-02-07d1t07.shn
7381c108da8c562e66b2dcbd66685a43 *1997-02-07d1t08.shn
a225f63fd1341b6e81c988a09a481325 *1997-02-07d1t10.shn
a78b5e297fcfaff072afd9c8e3a69846 *1997-02-07d1t01.shn
87a8f64f3bc11e4236f5ef306b713df8 *1997-02-07d1t02.shn
c26d8955eb41495ffe74e98022b11d52 *1997-02-07d1t06.shn
f17bedee682485d4e876cedd304d3b81 *1997-02-07d1t09.shn
2bafd7c84c6f13e14d09a4c4fcdb1b95 *1997-02-07d2t03.shn
a8236710ef36e92353ffc1c8bc1808db *1997-02-07d2t04.shn
2ef03e87273c12d63bddc8961e3d1957 *1997-02-07d2t05.shn
fe21ac4d3fe41101303b32fb7b2396aa *1997-02-07d2t07.shn
150975f06d029f57a1f3609c66ad2293 *1997-02-07d2t08.shn
479c8e5c9a1326f97bd066063d7250e0 *1997-02-07d2t10.shn
db83ac40644ca1dc32b0e123e4cbfa10 *1997-02-07d2t01.shn
bb0c5e3a8c37a21672c91e87258d15f7 *1997-02-07d2t02.shn
20546b9e25c6e329c42680c4575bb2f4 *1997-02-07d2t06.shn
019fe72d6982e3031706b6cea6ad017e *1997-02-07d2t09.shn
6041b24b88a84b2023b9a742cd96720d *1997-02-07d3t03.shn
54a93a3fe656df84cfca1031f34e07dd *1997-02-07d3t04.shn
c85fe484dd0114649b884aa03bbf258c *1997-02-07d3t05.shn
66ccd431db03f9c446d60ce2a7c0e3c0 *1997-02-07d3t07.shn
7e598ee404380a8d3eebed1d95d06805 *1997-02-07d3t08.shn
6d63283e9235cf40f11ec12bf954e074 *1997-02-07d3t10.shn
27b7fb218754332b52289d1bc3f8569c *1997-02-07d3t01.shn
9fca26cd313e746e335d8d5d670809fe *1997-02-07d3t02.shn
b8101646e34488e206952220bd5a82fb *1997-02-07d3t06.shn
6549eb3d2bbbcab3a02542b76f752037 *1997-02-07d3t09.shn

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