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DMB2002-07-25.dpa4022.flac24 (Scott Brown)

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Dave Matthews Band
ctnow Meadows Music Theater
Hartford, CT

Taper: Scott Brown
Source: DPA (B&K) 4022s > Sound Devices MP-2 > Audio Magic Sorcerer XLRs >Sonic AD2k+ @ 24bit, 44.1 khz > Digital Performer 3.02 > Amadeus 3.5.1 > Monkey's Audio Compressor > xACT 1.1 > flac
Section 100, row F seats 107, 108

a 16 bit copy already exists

Total: 147:30

01 Intro 01:44
02 Pig 07:37
03 Everyday 10:04
04 When the World Ends 05:06
05 You Never Know 07:27
06 Loving Wings 08:02
07 Where Are You Going 04:28
08 Bartender 14:08
09 So Right 06:45
10 The Song That Jane Likes 05:28
11 Captain 06:01
12 Kit Kat Jam 06:17
13 Jimi Thing 14:25
14 Digging a Ditch 06:48
15 Rhyme and Reason 06:23
16 Crush 13:02
17 Grey Street 10:59
18 Cry Freedom 06:19
19 What Would You Say 06:27

notes: I originally compressed this show into .ape, but later realized that Monkey's Audio had somehow corrupted tracks 4 and 14. Attempts to extract on Windows failed, but when I tried to extract using the Mac OS X port of Monkey's Audio, I was able to extract those 2 tracks up until the error occured. So I was able to salvage most of the 2 corrupt tracks, and the only ost parts are crowd noise anyway. For track 4, I spliced in 26.7 seconds of my 16 bit source (from this rig). For track 14, I spliced in 27.54 seconds. There is a total of 52.49 seconds of 16 bit audio (and it's only crowd noise) in this source (not bad considering I thought monkey's audio had screwed me out of 2 whole songs).

compiled by scott brown on 7-27-02
edited on 11-28-03

dmb2002-07-25t13.flac: 4f03f40d1fd56be64fe49a1d768137a6
dmb2002-07-25t10.flac: 6b515b20c245d96302ac25ca46dcbe87
dmb2002-07-25t09.flac: c259da40b0d5186cf679baed8bdba357
dmb2002-07-25t07.flac: d70d75f039f8c05e0080b36923add58b
dmb2002-07-25t06.flac: a93c3ef2aa717ce4f5f6640b8d93c43b
dmb2002-07-25t19.flac: 26c602035f060179f2213e84ac68147a
dmb2002-07-25t18.flac: b3a81c032710200bc653d293a75e4308
dmb2002-07-25t17.flac: 28833874ee2ca61d21a09f9f8eb63094
dmb2002-07-25t16.flac: 79f60e5855fbe9982f4d922c12e0c548
dmb2002-07-25t15.flac: ff9cad400af3a10183eb333ae1eefb57
dmb2002-07-25t14.flac: b3ab05079a9aba81253ffbbce612d3ab
dmb2002-07-25t12.flac: cd02a9820b1de3591f9dd4bc78ec40ef
dmb2002-07-25t05.flac: a05f5790f3fb974befd8dabe4b3e9ab0
dmb2002-07-25t04.flac: bbe0a0bc5924743d49b3361d985ea17e
dmb2002-07-25t03.flac: f2105a36781aa2f80e33eca26f491c15
dmb2002-07-25t02.flac: e7d6f3f7fbd1fa43380eb798f172a254
dmb2002-07-25t01.flac: be6115353afd09cc671e098413c4d94a
dmb2002-07-25t08.flac: 35b06520c324b184029ac9fc8a7a6f18
dmb2002-07-25t11.flac: 26fffc77508eadc3aaf3681e4ddb397d

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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