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DMB2002-07-20.mk4.flac16 (Unknown)

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Dave Matthews Band
July 20, 2002
Darien Lake Performing Arts Center: Darien, NY

source: Schoeps Mk4->KCY actives->Schoeps VMS5U->Apogee MiniMe->USB->Soundforge 5.0**
4th row, right stack

Computer: Dell Inspirion 1GHz Pentium 3, 512MB ram running Windows 2000 Service Pack 3

conversion: CDWAV->SHN

Disc 1:

01 Intro
02 Grey Street *
03 The Stone *
04 Rhyme & Reason *
05 One Sweet World *
06 Kit Kat Jam *
07 When The World Ends *
08 Carter solo * ->
09 You Never Know *
10 Bartender *

Disc 2:

01 Crush *
02 Everyday *
03 Captain *
04 Fool To Think *
05 Loving Wings *
06 Where Are You Going *
07 Watchtower intro * ->
08 Watchtower *
09 encore break
10 intro
11 Gravedigger
12 What You Are *

Special Guests
* with Butch Taylor

-> fade

c14c9bbba4c3aff89ee0278a0449e031 *dmb2002-07-20d02t12.wav.shn
8163590237a08f02a1b8cc7af409d7f0 *dmb2002-07-20d01t02.wav.shn
8618c140b7a692a677e085a5ca29c88b *dmb2002-07-20d01t03.wav.shn
feab2008307744fa60bbf0d27c4c78a4 *dmb2002-07-20d01t04.wav.shn
93cbaf11a72874336f3ec5aa9357d392 *dmb2002-07-20d01t05.wav.shn
39893371b6ccf7879b65c7021ead6928 *dmb2002-07-20d01t06.wav.shn
ebd528fc6aee74b822a6a3061c91c607 *dmb2002-07-20d01t07.wav.shn
070120ca71d67a05cf54fae2d9d7fd4a *dmb2002-07-20d01t08.wav.shn
e0561038a711fa86a8663091a4c37edc *dmb2002-07-20d01t09.wav.shn
f2888f7724542041d144cb06fd286977 *dmb2002-07-20d01t10.wav.shn
4fd4e181f4b08325bcdede7f1c408ded *dmb2002-07-20d02t01.wav.shn
8b07c660a0ae00c832e03580045e7815 *dmb2002-07-20d02t02.wav.shn
fadcfee0fefa9da68a8ad314ba7e5849 *dmb2002-07-20d02t03.wav.shn
17aaf3d3233227b06974ac70dd3efbe0 *dmb2002-07-20d02t04.wav.shn
c6b5ee4d2351847867c48578e480f8c4 *dmb2002-07-20d02t05.wav.shn
09daca66c1c2e81bb3bd368f88b53110 *dmb2002-07-20d02t06.wav.shn
49983957195e0b877f08277c10fb3f19 *dmb2002-07-20d02t07.wav.shn
ffa236899a66096b31f309c5426d879e *dmb2002-07-20d02t08.wav.shn
a720a6b9c0ebfac77f6155a3eeae5065 *dmb2002-07-20d02t09.wav.shn
8cd15de79459821337b6ffc57d51eeef *dmb2002-07-20d02t10.wav.shn
bb227d1f999fc266c056a6e2d29f964c *dmb2002-07-20d02t11.wav.shn
29b33194ac503015412f836016eed823 *dmb2002-07-20d01t01.wav.shn

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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