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DMB2015-06-09.MicrotechGefellM210s.flac16 (Jon Pasternak)

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Dave Matthews Band
June 9th 2015
Jones Beach Theatre
Wantagh, NY

Source / Lineage : FOB 5th row center right, Microtech Gefell M210s
> Oade M248 > SD 722 > Tascom CDRW 2000 > me > EAC > TLH level 8 >
flac 16 > you > enjoy

Taped & Transfer by Jon Pasternak

Setlist :

Set I

Little Red Bird
Old Dirt Hill
Snow Outside
Two Step
So Damn Lucky
What Would You Say

Set II

Belly Belly Nice
Digging A Ditch
Black And Blue Bird
Dancing Nancies
When The World Ends
Death On The High Seas (Partial) > Out Of My Hands
Shake Me Like A Monkey
Jimi Thing
Grey Street


The Space Between

6dbf6809bec3c8b66ff4a6138e17062f *DMB2015-6-9 T01 Tuning.flac
3cb1cd55da12d0e978da8308f9e2fd7b *DMB2015-6-9 T02 Little Red Bird.flac
4474e478dad3c0c46a50512aa70c902c *DMB2015-6-9 T03 Oh.flac
46f0acd07b0b736d918c1dd5ee8cff85 *DMB2015-6-9 T04 Old Dirt Hill.flac
5cd721d35f9f69a4044e7d24c9c0f8b6 *DMB2015-6-9 T05 Snow Outside.flac
05d52c5c6c892ce9585f4e70838bb389 *DMB2015-6-9 T06 Satellite.flac
9320256975f0f70520f293bc44fe1115 *DMB2015-6-9 T07 Recently.flac
a7aa2dd7aa04b507174e7b16119400b6 *DMB2015-6-9 T08 Two Step.flac
cf11b3ca2d1e8b973767d3b882d1a148 *DMB2015-6-9 T09 So Damn Lucky.flac
f12e370f779abdde2fd3d722d8fab19d *DMB2015-6-9 T10 What Would You Say.flac
748bba1115436c8cc622a94408ccd399 *DMB2015-6-9 T11 Sister.flac
bd9596b4c63034e7afdd17e4bd0f8af0 *DMB2015-6-9 T12 #41.flac
107d96faf90d96d5e9fb1aa792998bc3 *DMB2015-6-9 T13 Squirm.flac
1286a4b634c4460d82f810df75d31f8c *DMB2015-6-9 T14 Belly Belly Nice.flac
df660869f93c3ba72cb6005d52eeff4c *DMB2015-6-9 T15 Digging A Ditch.flac
4d3ca37462c3bc32606209342e2e8045 *DMB2015-6-9 T16 Black And Blue Bird.flac
2c8147e7263e1f048587f1e6bd26581f *DMB2015-6-9 T17 Dancing Nancies.flac
141d324b81de2529a7f23c9d9e0c95ba *DMB2015-6-9 T18 Warehouse.flac
bc2d0b24f5ec62f2d732e29e267179d6 *DMB2015-6-9 T19 When The World Ends.flac
9ae39f4ad344ed6cbd66ed721118e73f *DMB2015-6-9 T20 Death On The High Seas-Out Of My Hands.flac
3a6446972c87d13d27c97794b317ca00 *DMB2015-6-9 T21 Shake Me Like A Monkey.flac
73f4644c046e6bd8e7a821f8032e3492 *DMB2015-6-9 T22 Jimi Thing.flac
452d2983b4c954415ff7bece4d4e3b23 *DMB2015-6-9 T23 Grey Street.flac
884ae44189f491178d33051cd719040d *DMB2015-6-9 T24 The Space Between.flac
f6a2bf8be3d9fac18c98a888163bea61 *DMB2015-6-9 T25 Minarets.flac
92fc95c51f77b294c7d639144bedba21 *DMB2015-6-9 T26 Halloween.flac

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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