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DMB1996-07-26..shnf (DAUD - Unknown)

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Dave Matthews Band
July 26, 1996
Devore Stadium
Chula Vista, CA

Source: DAUD

Conversion: DAT > CD with a standalone CD burner
Jeff Travitz
LiteOn DVD-ROM > EAC 0.90 (correct settings) > .wav
SoundForge 4.5a & CDWAV used to retrack
Louie Rendek

Disc One:

01: Intro - 00:47.72
02: Drive In Drive Out - 07:01.59
03: #41 - 07:53.02
04: Two Step -> - 07:19.31
05: Crash Into Me - 07:47.31
06: Too Much - 04:41.23
07: So Much To Say - 05:14.23

Total: - 40:45.16

Disc Two:

01: Jimi Thing - 13:35.23
02: Satellite - 05:16.69
03: What Would You Say # - 06:03.02
04: All Along The Watchtower # -> - 09:25.39
05: Ants Marching - 07:35.37
06: E: Tripping Billies - 05:33.51

Total: - 47:29.71

# with John Popper on harmonica.

* There was a spot of diginoise in the right channel at 6:58
in Two Step. I fixed this spot by swapping audio from the left
channel over 0.200 seconds.
* Sounds like something hits the stand at 0:35 in Satellite.
* This show came on two discs and the disc break was between WWYS
and AATW. To top it off, there were fades, so I fixed this with
a nice crossfade.

* compiled by Louie Rendek on February 5, 2003.

7f355bf76d52c63df486da5dfe4e7819 *dmb1996-07-26d1t01.shn
57289868258896fff1e76907e8bcaadb *dmb1996-07-26d1t02.shn
bb2718bfcf02ee3deddbabe5d59df670 *dmb1996-07-26d1t03.shn
d0513326f4e4224ce34ebfe26e795aac *dmb1996-07-26d1t04.shn
529dc79be11193037dcac6806735b36a *dmb1996-07-26d1t05.shn
fe50cda7d2ce52ef83c996a299f2273e *dmb1996-07-26d1t06.shn
4f142c25a304243480f4941fc7c39ea6 *dmb1996-07-26d1t07.shn
163f955bd00f89efceb53a383f27b5a8 *dmb1996-07-26d2t01.shn
afafc349a01dcb12860a5991f4ea384f *dmb1996-07-26d2t02.shn
3b82164471a8ea182b97875be79c7c22 *dmb1996-07-26d2t03.shn
59cc91f5530ecb543677cfd94e545906 *dmb1996-07-26d2t04.shn
7d19d520e8c537df801b8b26abe53ab8 *dmb1996-07-26d2t05.shn
401a0e293f2523e66b1a43735c3641f3 *dmb1996-07-26d2t06.shn

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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