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DMB1993-03-23.DSBD.flac16 (Unknown)

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Dave Matthews Band
March 23, 1993
Trax, Charlottesville, VA

Source Information: DSBD

DAT > CD: Mike Vernal
Equip: Tascam DA-P1 > Audiomedia III > PowerMac G3/233 w/ Pro Tools 4.3.2

Disc One:

01: Intro * - 00:52:40
02: Heathcliff's Haiku Warriers * - 03:49:22
03: Minarets *^ - 03:55:51
04: Best of What's Around * - 03:09:31
05: Typical Situation * - 04:25:16
06: All Along the Watchtower * - 04:32:39
07: I'll Back You Up * - 03:20:32
08: Two Step * - 07:49:69
09: Granny - 05:02:69
10: Jimi Thing $ - 22:54:46

Total: 59:52:30

Disc Two:

01: Also Sprach Zarathustra Medley - 07:35:55
02: Ants Marching - 04:46:61
03: So Much To Say - 05:34:63
04: One Sweet World - 09:24:43
05: True Reflections & - 08:08:59
06: Recently - 10:02:60
07: Rhyme & Reason - 09:34:42

Total: 54:48:18

Disc Three:

01: Dancing Nancies - 10:16:62
02: #34 ! - 09:06:49
03: Minarets - 07:47:51
04: Blue Water Baboon Farm - 17:21:69
05: Warehouse - 08:24:47
06: Tripping Billies - 05:18:03

Total: 58:17:56


Disc One, Tracks 01 - 08 were amplified by a factor of 2.5.

Disc One, Track 08 - At some point near the end of this track, I amplified a
2-3 second gap of dead space by a factor of 5, and then faded that same gap
in from half volume to full volume, creating a decently smooth transition in
amplification factors from 2.5 to 5.

Disc One, Track 09 through the end of the show were amplfied by a factor of 5
(yes, a factor of 5). This produced frequent clipping during the show, and I
do concede this, but the level of the Carter's drums relative to the band led
to his drums being the only instrument I heard that clipped, and that's how I
justified it to myself.

* - Dave Matthews Solo
^ - Weird problem with vocals switching from left to right channel, and back
This problem would have been the soundman's problem, not the DATs.
$ - Slight dropout just eliminated by me. Will appear as a slight skip. Sorry.
& - Man, true reflections was a problem. Two major dropouts, one around 1:50,
the other around 2:35. For the one at 2:30, I put in a line that had already
been sung, and then sent it straight into boyd's solo. Sounds a little weird,
but much better than it did at first. There was no salvaging the 1:50 dropout.
I did my best, but it's still blatently obvious. Ah well. The third major
problem was at 4:45. I don't know what it was, but the song sort of skips a
beat again. I didn't touch this one.
! - Weird reverb thang going on at one point. On master DAT.

44dc198e9ad4f786ab7e954c5ad5a28e *dmb1993-03-23-d1t01.shn
5f7ca9594e97500eaa33ecbc5060a229 *dmb1993-03-23-d1t02.shn
418a39c14465787d3c2f74ca801d5a96 *dmb1993-03-23-d1t03.shn
865452ed4d43fc53db4c75850a07a58c *dmb1993-03-23-d1t04.shn
9edb4d9ba6ca791c07cb98ac952285a1 *dmb1993-03-23-d1t05.shn
62265a98eb5fcc7ae3b8c1009f67282f *dmb1993-03-23-d1t06.shn
80706ce39b6853f22c2e851dcf3ec517 *dmb1993-03-23-d1t07.shn
320b062fab95156b15ef2968b0d57df0 *dmb1993-03-23-d1t08.shn
8a670ff40ecfa6d0ccbe93a58b907f00 *dmb1993-03-23-d1t09.shn
a0da5a87a4e19f22beebc0ee2a0d99c4 *dmb1993-03-23-d1t10.shn

796c3b00ef13461e4823e4d61464955d *dmb1993-03-23-d2t01.shn
ec08b8ff10798d5290f310d432b2785a *dmb1993-03-23-d2t02.shn
b94dcacac071ab3cd62ca2588f7fd09a *dmb1993-03-23-d2t03.shn
d82ad3d7a2ab027f3330e5a0edfadbe5 *dmb1993-03-23-d2t04.shn
548a3fa4124dc20bc15a8433ff8fc6e3 *dmb1993-03-23-d2t05.shn
702850385e28b253fe5c1ff8f59929a6 *dmb1993-03-23-d2t06.shn
83030b534a3b2b26159c7d814c484615 *dmb1993-03-23-d2t07.shn

ff196c7c652a7ba464a5ca69970926b4 *dmb1993-03-23-d3t01.shn
f25b645d7566ccc652565c9d1363b20d *dmb1993-03-23-d3t02.shn
ad4b0dc386685eb1bca12c386e8130d4 *dmb1993-03-23-d3t03.shn
a64aed9d2f384331d152b750992c332b *dmb1993-03-23-d3t04.shn
443bc4e6abfe437d1d0c337388eb1091 *dmb1993-03-23-d3t05.shn
af76f4bba91b618dfaa4aa9d2746b86c *dmb1993-03-23-d3t06.shn

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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