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DMB1993-01-29.AUD.flac16 (Unknown)

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Dave Matthews Band
January 29, 1993
Ziggy's Tavern
Winston-Salem, NC

Source Info: AUD (Cassette)

Taper: Unknown

Capture: Sarah Formwalt (Baucco)
Cassette > 24bit/96khz WAV using Nakamichi DR-1--> Sound Forge

Conversion: JayBTV
Adobe Audition CC (Editing/Processing) --> CDWav--> FLAC


Spotlight 06:22
The Maker 06:36
The Song That Jane Likes 03:47
Satellite 06:14
Warehouse 08:44
Jimi Thing 12:59
What Would You Say? 05:12
Help Myself 06:04
Dancing Nancies 06:56
So Much to Say 05:06

-Set II-
One Sweet World 05:24
True Reflections 06:22

Total: 1h 19m 46s


Seek Up 09:13
Halloween 05:10
Pay for What You Get 05:15
Lie in Our Graves 07:33
Ants Marching 06:09
Recently 04:36
All Along the Watchtower 08:43
Granny 03:15
Minarets 06:04
Blue Water 12:43
Two Step 09:51

Total: 1h 18m 32s

New show/source. Show wasn't listed in setlist archives as of April 2014.

Sarah and I had worked together on a few conversions back in 2003 after she had received some rare cassettes from a taper. At that time there was still a good chance for digital sources to surface so at a point her boxes of tapes went into storage. We recently came back in contact and I asked if she could double check the stored boxes of tapes for any shows that still haven't circulated. In doing that she found this show/source.

At the time of discovery DMBAlmanac listed a Code Magenta show for 1/29/93. Contacted Daniel Cheatham of dmbalmanac and asked if he could review his sources to see if it were possible DMB played a show at Ziggy's on 1/29/93. Dan did some research and found a January 28, 1993 issues of the Wake Forest Old Gold and Black which indicated DMB was to play at Ziggy's on 1/29/93.

The 2nd tape cuts towards the end of Two Step (last song present) and then continued with 3 filler songs. It's uncertain if DMB played an encore - if so it's missing. The biggest flaw in the recording is a fairly large cut at the end of Ants until the jam in Recently which is presumed to be the next song played. Further notes:

-Spotlight - starts abruptly - applied fade in
-Ants Marching - End cuts off - Audio picks up midway through Recently (song starts at jam). Inserted 3 seconds of silence, fade out/in.
-Tape flip after Jimi Thing during crowd noise (fixed)
-Tape flip after Seek Up (a couple seconds of outro missing) (applied fade out/in)
-Tape flip after Granny during crowd noise
-Set II (One Sweet World) started abruptly - (quick fade in applied)
-Dropout in between Halloween and PFWYG applied fade in/out
-Fixed cut after Blue Water
-Fixed cut after WWYS (fades)
-Fixed panning issues. Levels changed a bit throughout. For the most part the audio was panned a bit to the right channel. Fixed levels to compensate. Still slight variations at times (20yr old tape)
-The recording levels were a little hot for the first few songs. Most notable on Satellite (some distortion). There was an adjustment before Warehouse.
-Izotope RX3 decrackler applied in a few spots (most notably Satellite, Blue Water, & Halloween) to reduce distortion due to high levels on source.
-Tracked for 80m CDs

The recording sounds almost good enough to be an aSBD aside from limited stereo space. The cases for the tapes have "audience mic" written on them and thus more than likely this is an extremely good AUD recording (mic near a speaker/monitor) vs a recording off the board.

New to circulation April 2014.

Compiled by Jason Stessel (@Copperpot5)

dccf30f6641e07c3a7dff7d1fa9cfd11 *dmb1993-01-29d101.flac
13f0ed9469a590d5433c7564cea49f29 *dmb1993-01-29d102.flac
eb2a560d5d58601b3ff221c4d365fa0b *dmb1993-01-29d103.flac
200315b6f1fe7a626a3da2a9460a7d00 *dmb1993-01-29d104.flac
e53e46387f53e4d5210327ca15433ca4 *dmb1993-01-29d105.flac
e4b12d89ce892851265375db4598953d *dmb1993-01-29d106.flac
51e52e598cae2e7f2c6cf17b1077f22e *dmb1993-01-29d107.flac
1818ed067dfaadd9bd12644f8b61d1d6 *dmb1993-01-29d108.flac
d4fecf23822b8085d1af1fc1f0d00ebc *dmb1993-01-29d109.flac
55fae70fdfd386fa52e28ffae145918d *dmb1993-01-29d110.flac
6ff61fcbb3ac76bfa41dc0b8247c5b82 *dmb1993-01-29d111.flac
e5eba97ce7025be49cd517b373883906 *dmb1993-01-29d112.flac
1e7d883e5d9601b3172e70dd5809eeac *dmb1993-01-29d201.flac
8af0853c55c80942562013a0a57177f3 *dmb1993-01-29d202.flac
3f321824e4448fb33843e60ec632b01b *dmb1993-01-29d203.flac
fa0696a3fe0f0d3254df7da05d010f2c *dmb1993-01-29d204.flac
22bd10499d85bbeffec8e415503b0166 *dmb1993-01-29d205.flac
b4c75de7510f6fe90fd803b74166a91d *dmb1993-01-29d206.flac
bc00d85a517a10d3a730da88f97860d9 *dmb1993-01-29d207.flac
51e811e007308a7f1f5519d6d12122cc *dmb1993-01-29d208.flac
0ad9d745bffac25a46ee1e6576de5efd *dmb1993-01-29d209.flac
db1ca0a10bc4e5d1a5966955d0e9cf86 *dmb1993-01-29d210.flac
b01b4273a77f33d09c8d1eab35ce30d6 *dmb1993-01-29d211.flac

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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