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DMB1998-07-24.cm100.shnf (Unknown)

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Dave Matthews Band
July 24, 1998
Blockbuster/Sony Entertainment Center
Camden, NJ

Taper: Unknown
Source: Nak CM100

DAT>SHN:Henry Hart
Equip: Tascam DA-P1 > COAX/TOSLINK converter > Dio2448 >
Cool Edit Pro v1.2a > CDWav > mkwACT >
Plextor 12/10/32A via Adaptec

Disc #1:
1. Intro 0:39
2. Lie In Our Graves 10:37
3. PNP Intro -> 1:47
4. Pantala Naga Pampa -> 0:40
5. Rapunzel 8:36
6. #41 10:54
7. The Last Stop 10:50
8. Seek Up 17:42

Disc #2:
1. Satellite 5:52
2. The Stone 8:31
3. Crash Into Me 6:59
4. Best of What's Around 7:19
5. The Dreaming Tree 15:21
6. Don't Drink the Water 8:40

Disc #3:
1. One Sweet World 10:26
2. Recently -> 3:06
3. Anyone Seen the Bridge? -> 2:12
4. Too Much 9:13
5. Typical Situation 15:18
6. All ALong the Watchtower 11:37

* w/Greg Howard

The levels were run WAY too high until the beginning of "The Last Stop" so there is some clipping up to that point.

Compiled by Henry Hart on 12.3.01

36b1b02d3d68eb994cb7e68d4d647f66 *dmb1998-07-24d1t1.shn
197ade33a6982379e494d265cd473f60 *dmb1998-07-24d1t2.shn
e4735e27dae8e171c10473b20969ca16 *dmb1998-07-24d1t3.shn
62f48e2eef1f05d8d8fde9acf9316a5c *dmb1998-07-24d1t4.shn
21931e6a2a4bc3b5dab3a8942ae2f539 *dmb1998-07-24d1t5.shn
bb9903be72637aecc732bca896393490 *dmb1998-07-24d1t6.shn
00254e29a4f3a213b4941b3a83894f88 *dmb1998-07-24d1t7.shn
2daafd5b6bc0be40b528b7b135cda6a4 *dmb1998-07-24d1t8.shn
7ad7790f8d147e6abc2de648463b0a4f *dmb1998-07-24d2t1.shn
182109f9a3dd01944bf020c4537309d0 *dmb1998-07-24d2t2.shn
01324eb14e2328ed1ac10b44de025618 *dmb1998-07-24d2t3.shn
a478362c03b1b1d99e1f13c86276a6dd *dmb1998-07-24d2t4.shn
69d2896d6399084a939b78db8c72aa48 *dmb1998-07-24d2t5.shn
c6cf34cf3c16140df6b715326f9ad99b *dmb1998-07-24d2t6.shn
09029a4d085d65424d97f29df76eca38 *dmb1998-07-24d3t1.shn
3fe87469e860300824c212e991fb39ec *dmb1998-07-24d3t2.shn
f31240cfe42980753509bd3b5f04c64e *dmb1998-07-24d3t3.shn
6c349cb681c9d1c95c67d01f0d655a8b *dmb1998-07-24d3t4.shn
d3ed27c12f659f1b568cb7ccb359f239 *dmb1998-07-24d3t5.shn
00289c3fe93fe5e47cc125b6e2f9e42d *dmb1998-07-24d3t6.shn
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