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DMB2004-08-08.ka500hn.shnf (Ryan Hoyt)

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Dave Matthews Band
Alpine Valley
East Troy, WI
August 8th, 2004

Taper: Ryan Hoyt ( )
Equipment: mbho 603/ka500hn > mp-2 > mod sbm-1 @ 44.1 > d100
Location: Section 103, Row K, well right, stand at 14 feet, AB
DAT > SHN: d8 > Aopen aw-850 > CDWave > SHNtool

*** Please do not encode to lossy formats such as MP3 ***

d01 - 53:46.56
d01t01 Intro 01:56.05
d01t02 Intro to... 02:30.27
d01t03 Don't Drink The Water 07:14.17
d01t04 One Sweet World 07:11.32
d01t05 Fool To Think 04:16.47
d01t06 Sugar Will 13:40.27
d01t07 Stay 08:21.22
d01t08 Lover Lay Down 08:36.29

d02 - 45:33.28
d02t01 I Did It 04:18.28
d02t02 Seek Up 16:03.53
d02t03 Rhyme & Reason 05:52.27
d02t04 Intro to... 00:38.49
d02t05 Hello Again 08:27.60
d02t06 Joy Ride 05:04.33
d02t07 (Loving Wings) > 00:30.64
d02t08 Where Are You Going 04:37.14

d03 - 62:41.33
d03t01 Jimi Thing 17:54.35
d03t02 Crash 06:30.10
d03t03 Drive In Drive Out 06:36.74
d03t04 What Would You Say 16:38.23
d03t05 E: Crazy Easy 06:15.49
d03t06 E: Tripping Billies 08:45.67

- Thanks to Jon Nouri for the seats and lugging gear
- Compiled by Ryan Hoyt August 11th, 2004

db,etree,org verified checksums-

fe4cb8baf023c8fc68ce589dd83b0e40 *dmb2004-08-08d01t08.shn
f717f3f9d9da1bd7207ea58654404ac0 *dmb2004-08-08d01t01.shn
ef0e86fd9c186870c97674df1241a827 *dmb2004-08-08d01t02.shn
84db6391d91edeae2540de0aa63d0808 *dmb2004-08-08d01t03.shn
a1b1e9e651eda5493a02af762e3ec833 *dmb2004-08-08d01t04.shn
5845f84afad8f500ccdd82509cd13884 *dmb2004-08-08d01t05.shn
603112e8d2b918aab27b0a1ff4727be2 *dmb2004-08-08d01t06.shn
a96ef15297903644dd9871838506e0f7 *dmb2004-08-08d01t07.shn
acd7fcce04861da57afe64ea12c7fb50 *dmb2004-08-08d02t01.shn
6bd398adb79e2218b721b5fda65980c1 *dmb2004-08-08d02t02.shn
ae6749f09505fbe17927445627ec79f9 *dmb2004-08-08d02t03.shn
1dda0556387119130cd7fccaa9a0c056 *dmb2004-08-08d02t04.shn
4d6508366dc6c108d9438d52cb2dc66a *dmb2004-08-08d02t05.shn
844255cae5f79f82bca06546036998f3 *dmb2004-08-08d02t06.shn
a4c539e1813672e652486e87cf67c080 *dmb2004-08-08d02t07.shn
557001bf68c1fa8b1081d8656c05226d *dmb2004-08-08d02t08.shn
74e063bac6c686c83dd9a4a4f69313d4 *dmb2004-08-08d03t01.shn
b47a015bfb62e9871cdbdb2dc48dfad5 *dmb2004-08-08d03t02.shn
9d1b8b07519ce085d4400325543fcc8b *dmb2004-08-08d03t03.shn
93a7ae2a9fe53cf693eeb2af16afa7d2 *dmb2004-08-08d03t04.shn
3dd9668dd2c10f4aa4f6a0818713471f *dmb2004-08-08d03t05.shn
c356aba1f17f4d60ce4bd92a304cc359 *dmb2004-08-08d03t06.shn
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