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DMB2013-07-09.mk219.flac16 (Matt Hucul)

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Dave Matthews Band
July 9, 2013
DTE Energy Music Theatre
Clarkston, MI

Taper: Matt Hucul (Carter41)
Source: Oktava MK219 (X/Y @ 17') > Battery Box > iRiver h120 (Rockbox) @ 44.1khz
Location: Section RT2, Row D, Seats 15 and 16
Conversion: iRiver h120 > Adobe Audition (editing) >
CDwave v1.98 > Trader's Little Helper (at level 6)

Track | Name | Time (m:s)
d1t01 Intro 00:58.37
d1t02 Louisiana Bayou 08:18.21
d1t03 When the World Ends 04:40.17
d1t04 Belly Belly Nice 04:44.05
d1t05 Idea of You 05:00.05
d1t06 If Only 08:34.06
d1t07 You Might Die Trying 09:25.16
d1t08 Spaceman 06:32.48
d1t09 (Stir It Up) --> 02:03.34
d1t10 Crush 17:03.24
d1t11 Granny 05:00.70
d1t12 (Don't Fear) The Reaper 05:31.63
d1t13 (Kill the Preacher) 01:57.14

Disc 1 Total: 79:49.60

d2t01 Don't Drink the Water 06:39.11
d2t02 Take Me to Tomorrow 04:55.61
d2t03 Fool to Think 06:24.62
d2t04 Spoon 07:05.70
d2t05 Rooftop 06:04.47
d2t06 Song That Jane Likes 04:04.45
d1t07 Jimi Thing 24:54.72
d2t08 Drunken Soldier --> 08:45.31
d2t09 Ants Marching 09:40.64

Disc 2 Total: 78:36.13

- Since gravity seems to hate me, the mics fell slightly from the mic clip
during d1t02 for a bit. The stand was lowered and this was fixed. This lasts
from about the 3-minute mark to the 4:30 mark. You can hear some chatter
and misc noise during this time. What a shame to miss some of quality tune
that is Louisiana Bayou.
- Thanks to Jay Yee and company for the tickets.
- Disc splits are purely for the sake of tradition.
- Feel free to convert this tape to the lossy format of your choice.
Streaming websites have my persmission to use this tape as well.
We all know where to get the lossless version of the tape.

Compiled by Matt Hucul ( on 07/10/13

0ab7be41977096b582677be486ff5ab4 *dmb2013-07-09.mk219.d1t01.flac
515c5cff4636c265ad4aaea89dd5ab16 *dmb2013-07-09.mk219.d1t02.flac
093dcb198649da5fb2ddec8c51bb17dd *dmb2013-07-09.mk219.d1t03.flac
62e2d3001950fe7df3afc550d7de38bb *dmb2013-07-09.mk219.d1t04.flac
66db87bd32af0c364a68a234939d743f *dmb2013-07-09.mk219.d1t05.flac
447eb389ad4d97cca0c86fd53abd09aa *dmb2013-07-09.mk219.d1t06.flac
2458c5f2c2f3cbec1d8368e94ea1a9d2 *dmb2013-07-09.mk219.d1t07.flac
47a86e6ca6df11cfc379d4428ef377cd *dmb2013-07-09.mk219.d1t08.flac
dda68219ab2e2bba9dc1da79eb1d8ec0 *dmb2013-07-09.mk219.d1t09.flac
e957f71d91c9dbb88717cea4cd1dfcf6 *dmb2013-07-09.mk219.d1t10.flac
fcef3197e3abcc7e33facf76680dc2e2 *dmb2013-07-09.mk219.d1t11.flac
492e2fe9f76594b85b912faa2ffadbd3 *dmb2013-07-09.mk219.d1t12.flac
b6c207a5ceb884bea58033a821c7b640 *dmb2013-07-09.mk219.d1t13.flac
f017314d9286e37c169e77f0a0e94796 *dmb2013-07-09.mk219.d2t01.flac
ae7b04dbfefc923accdc1c17fab474fe *dmb2013-07-09.mk219.d2t02.flac
e58a754a8b66d77f45aab2f3fdcd0fa7 *dmb2013-07-09.mk219.d2t03.flac
2c638fefb6aac5a7d9cc50cfcab5fa78 *dmb2013-07-09.mk219.d2t04.flac
3b363c3d94f7ffc691fd74bb72d860eb *dmb2013-07-09.mk219.d2t05.flac
d213fa8d2b6004f0bd30f2fee01f2822 *dmb2013-07-09.mk219.d2t06.flac
a9e7d8b37cfc542a594d33698b479d87 *dmb2013-07-09.mk219.d2t07.flac
63fba31ae926fb9466056af254499e19 *dmb2013-07-09.mk219.d2t08.flac
29e8f6930a188b2acaff8e3855c659cf *dmb2013-07-09.mk219.d2t09.flac
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