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DMB2012-06-27.mk4v.flac16 (Jeff Travitz)

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Dave Matthews Band
Camden, NJ

Taper: Jeff Travitz
Location:rigth stack 101 row 10
Source: Schoeps MK4V's->Schoeps VMS5U->Edirol R4

Shake Me Like a Monkey
Grace Is Gone
You Never Know
Proudest Monkey
If Only
You Might Die Trying
You and Me
The Riff
Improv Intro
Why I Am
Out Of My Hands
Dancing Nancies
Jimi Thing *
Everybody Wake Up
Two Step


So Damn Lucky
Tripping Billies

*with Roots Horn section

12062719373501.flac:f1cdda4ad69dbd5bb09517a70fdc8c 94
12062719373502.flac:b3af1810e602244ce9b73378d10525 00
12062719373503.flac:a9f910064a5c5a221bed84ce5f21ac ba
12062719373504.flac:c021a6b86dcb4770de40de41f92316 77
12062719373505.flac:1e7b704ab1bf909181860da7a1fb2f b5
12062719373506.flac:873f5bc7c4aab3f27c1c30879e2f02 4d
12062719373507.flac:e319117f6bdd65e1bcadd346445ac2 4a
12062719373508.flac:14f7fe2b58646b0795a32c4d51749a d4
12062719373509.flac:bb453290bb65831cb87ff1c5e8e020 50
12062719373510.flac:f35868bedda2f36a949a1971933cff 2e
12062719373511.flac:50095ed36915452ed7f3bd157b1777 02
12062719373512.flac:fcb7fd68aec81976e54acc90630c67 d5
12062719373513.flac:76e8363a906972bcb121e46ba9f188 e3
12062719373514.flac:c21c5a77eae2cc0c66b86c1e8c4b6f c0
12062719373515.flac:711536c02b673c9e8dc3523b0192e4 26
12062719373516.flac:e2fdfde773a933e856c2dbf0909be6 98
12062719373517.flac:78e27232714f276a54cf4302c21db4 15
12062719373518.flac:5d9db74f54ec0764546e83f48184d9 bf
12062719373519.flac:15ed22e06e683f610158530cd56e29 b0
12062719373520.flac:6de275ee29b7ed62ea6b8dca344f92 b1
12062719373521.flac:a939eb6117e034d9e62dd1efc673bf fc
12062719373522.flac:cfae67258dcb3a171d16ad66970575 7e
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