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DMB2012-05-19.vm44.flac16 (Matt Hiles)

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Dave Matthews Band
Gexa Energy Pavilion
Dallas, TX
May 19, 2012

Taper: Matt Hiles

Source: Milab VM-44 Link -> Lunatec V2 -> Tascam DR-680 (24/48)

Location: Section 100, Row H, Seat 25, 10 stand

Conversion: sdhc -> AudioGate (16/44) -> CD Wave -> FLAC (6)

01. Intro
02. Loving Wings
03. You Might Die Trying
04. Why I Am
05. If I Had It All
06. Save Me
07. Shake Me Like A Monkey
08. Dancing Nancies
09. Mercy
10. Out Of My Hands
11. Squirm
12. Gaucho
13. Jimi Thing
14. Spaceman
15. So Damn Lucky
16. Two Step
17. Too Much
18. bass solo
19. All Along The Watchtower

aab9ecc9d7524af2f8eaa95e9ad50072 *dmb2012-05-19.vm44.t01.flac
94b144a43c3fbdc71ee0ef16691ae3b2 *dmb2012-05-19.vm44.t02.flac
6c42ed5c06ee8c85e71caaac87341b00 *dmb2012-05-19.vm44.t03.flac
dae97e7b13a2ee2249880651698cfbcf *dmb2012-05-19.vm44.t04.flac
d491ab0917ae361cf2f8c911923993bd *dmb2012-05-19.vm44.t05.flac
1b35557e4f3aa4c091323b5983a49049 *dmb2012-05-19.vm44.t06.flac
7f6557721a3fc38cb4b50cc9e9e46d42 *dmb2012-05-19.vm44.t07.flac
5384738a984c7064c6b95ec7e3cd932d *dmb2012-05-19.vm44.t08.flac
f624b8db21b12715d30856623eaa3006 *dmb2012-05-19.vm44.t09.flac
d0b9cf469804860c449b7179da591020 *dmb2012-05-19.vm44.t10.flac
f138ae0267f396acc4dee6630543f060 *dmb2012-05-19.vm44.t11.flac
2aa9383d8cbec7245e42191fb832bc0a *dmb2012-05-19.vm44.t12.flac
134b3f6ea6e69c3a1bd9f7f764dd1db3 *dmb2012-05-19.vm44.t13.flac
f4042648dcee7e83c41bfd3ac9e96a23 *dmb2012-05-19.vm44.t14.flac
83e263eb9ea6317e9c8f65fa44e42b31 *dmb2012-05-19.vm44.t15.flac
b6c20bc092a9e19cc7727a9b6228cdd5 *dmb2012-05-19.vm44.t16.flac
49be2e649e8f20da291f598143d64b60 *dmb2012-05-19.vm44.t17.flac
f870777ab613120a5dfe0820a020b8d9 *dmb2012-05-19.vm44.t18.flac
3fb5af29e6c26505d8fa60e4e66d1582 *dmb2012-05-19.vm44.t19.flac
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