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Re: Why did they do 2 Sets?

Originally Posted by OK_Ant View Post
Experimentation. Also, maybe to give themselves a break.

I liked 2Sets, even though the acoustic sets weren't as creative as they could've been, and the Lovely Ladies made the electric sets somewhat stale. Like the Caravans, DMB should consider doing them again, maybe as a combo thing?
A reimagined Caravan focusing on different "formats" would be so fun. While the circumstances of the "alternate format" Gorge shows were far from ideal, they did produce some interesting and unique tunes. Plus, Dave and Friends could make a comeback in various incarnations at a Caravan. Imagine the different possibilities with all the people they've played with or have been friends with over the years. I'd probably travel to multiple Caravan venues.

Caravan could also get out of the Live Nation / Ticketmaster traps... do non-Live Nation venues, sell tickets direct via MusicToday (hell even Taylor Swift is using the ancient MusicToday platform now right?) and just print money. Throw in many multiple levels of tickets like the Innings Festival and liberate thousands of dollars from the pockets of old heads like me.

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    Re: Why did they do 2 Sets?

    That requires... extra work. For the band to go out and learn a few new tunes/play the same old tunes takes zero effort right now. Its great they do some warm up practice before summer tours, but even those are just playing 9 songs and calling it a day. The band all remarked how much work they put in for those gorge shows. Im glad they did it, but its not like they were legendary DM shows. They were a good recovery from an unfortunate set of circumstances
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    Re: Why did they do 2 Sets?

    I'm pretty sure that during the 2Sets complaining era, Hilly said most of us would miss it and talk about how good it was after it's been long gone. I think he was right.
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    Re: Why did they do 2 Sets?

    Full band acoustic is exciting when you are a new fan and want everything from the band. Otherwise, a recording is fine.
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    Re: Why did they do 2 Sets?

    The two set thing was a great idea that was very poorly executed, and then the LL showed up. Having said that, two of my all-time favorite shows Iíve attended happened during those tours, and I got a Live Trax release out of it (Tampa Ď14, which I still havenít listened to ).
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    Re: Why did they do 2 Sets?

    Originally Posted by gandelfstormcro View Post
    You know I was thinking about this the other day. And I was thinking wouldn't it be really cool if dave and tim came out and did an acoustic opener. And then a full band set so we would get a little of both..? How cool would that be? ��
    This loosely describes the Gorge experience in 2021. The shows started with Dave, then Dave & Tim, then Dave, Tim & Buddy, and guest spots filled the rest. It is the highlight moment of my DMB fandom.

    I think the ultimate solution here is to attend a Dave & Tim show as well as a band tour date.
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    Re: Why did they do 2 Sets?

    Was not a fan of 2 sets at all
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    Originally Posted by FromTheMorning View Post
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    Re: Why did they do 2 Sets?

    Yeah, I thought it was a cool idea but it just didn't really work. Would prefer a whole show just acoustic or full electric not a mix of the two, especially not in big Ampitheaters.

    A scaled down theater tour of just acoustic and different combination of band members on songs would be awesome though. This would force Tim to play Acoustic and it would force Rashawn to play muted trumpet and chill with the super high pitched squeals.

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    Re: Why did they do 2 Sets?

    Originally Posted by TheLastStop123 View Post
    Was not a fan of 2 sets at all
    It was just anti=climactic. I remember when they first announced it in 2014 how excited everyone was. But it quickly fell flat after the first month or so. 2015 should have never happened. It was like again?? It wasn't great the first time! Don't get me wrong, it didn't suck, but it was just like a weird night every time I saw it. They'd play 8 -10 songs in 40 minutes. Then take an hour break. Then come back and play another 12-14 songs. But they aren't like the Grateful Dead or jam bands where you need a set break. First sets were always over before they took off. They'd do one last song to kind of get people elevated and then take off for an hour.

    A lot of the sets just didn't have good flow. Dave would do a handful of clunkers honestly.. and then maybe Tim would do one, and then Dave and Carter and then the full band comes out and does I'll Back You Up.., Snow Outside, Crash, and Stolen Away.. Talk about snooze a palooza.
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