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DMB1992-12-29.dsbd+mk4v.flac16 (Unknown)

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Dave Matthews Band
Trax, Charlottesville, Va

Source Info: SBD & Schoeps MK-4V onstage mics (Digital Mix) > DAT > CD >
EAC (all tracks 100%) > Adobe Premire 6.0 > shn

Master: SHN > 32Bit WAV > DC Remove > Edits/SpRepair > DeNoise >
PEQ/MD/MHE/MTI/RV/UM/Vox/Saturation/Brick > Dither > 16Bit WAV > FLAC


track name time (m:s)
d1t01 [Set1] Satellite 05:26.01
d1t02 Warehouse 09:37.05
d1t03 Pay For What You Get 05:56.05
d1t04 Help Myself 05:29.40
d1t05 Dancing Nancies 09:36.68
d1t06 Lie in Our Graves 04:04.16
d1t07 So Much to Say 05:13.84
d1t08 True Reflections 06:35.17
Total 51:58.3

d2t01 [Set 2] Drive In, Drive Out^ 04:44.19
d2t02 Spotlight Intro Jam...> 02:19.03
d2t03 Spotlight 06:00.03
d2t04 Angel From Montgomery 06:18.04
d2t05 The Maker 07:39.03
d2t06 Two Step 16:30.00
d2t07 The Song That Jane Likes 06:13.72
d2t08 Ants Marching 05:24.04
Total 54.01.0

d3t01 Lover Lay Down 11:08.29
d3t02 Halloween 06:13.22
d3t03 Granny 04:29.10
d3t04 Tripping Billies 08:04.13
d3t05 All Along The Watchtower 06:13.22
Total 36:29.2


^ Dave Solo
This show previously existed, but only in parts. 12.29.92 existed
minus the beginning of set 2, and billies. Those songs existed on a show
claiming to be 1.12.93 (with filler from 6.3.96). Dave was on vacation
in South Africa from 1.1.93-1.18.93, rendering the 1.12.93 date erroneous.

This is an accurate retracking of the show in its original order.
F.Y.I., D1 did not change at all from the previous 12.29.92 version, but
D2 and D3 both were edited to match the tracks together properly.

And for the record, this show contains probably the best Billies ever.

Complete version compiled by:
Jake Vigliotti

Master Notes:
* mastered between april and may 2011
* Had to EQ it quite extensively to get Roi's sax and Dave's vocals to sound remotely bearable.
As a result, it sounds a little flat but some harmonics have been added to make up for it somewhat.
* It's a great show. Enjoy.

5f0ddf0a2e451867903843879c0b8061 *dmb1992-12-29d1t01.flac
4618bde0697ffc82e743585ae35e9271 *dmb1992-12-29d1t02.flac
e98d7bdafe4e5c288d59402df7905c07 *dmb1992-12-29d1t03.flac
b7f420b0e7f9ff90c8579f5e919a25e8 *dmb1992-12-29d1t04.flac
2715fd8e3e2585ec0571863778eefa10 *dmb1992-12-29d1t05.flac
cc85363930fe4e38c275c2f0a913db21 *dmb1992-12-29d1t06.flac
7d0f295dd5c8d7823bb7d75ab02bfae4 *dmb1992-12-29d1t07.flac
c9133f58bfc65ff846b8b9adc8002743 *dmb1992-12-29d1t08.flac
6930495f417f883ca918f518fa4682c5 *dmb1992-12-29d2t01.flac
542fc87102ff39bc03e2e257ba791728 *dmb1992-12-29d2t02.flac
3283f078556b6c26cc69dc0fc9a59c17 *dmb1992-12-29d2t03.flac
6c484f73d0857da87eb53b4109ff4b78 *dmb1992-12-29d2t04.flac
e2d697b3a861d3fdaf5b9bce62ebbb78 *dmb1992-12-29d2t05.flac
91b4334fd668f5c2a2b32a63746881e9 *dmb1992-12-29d2t06.flac
155ca02de6062dd82cd79d72ee2ce342 *dmb1992-12-29d2t07.flac
e4d96222639680187fbbb236802f738f *dmb1992-12-29d2t08.flac
664f7da6ae919172986763da8320ceb7 *dmb1992-12-29d3t01.flac
2b4fe5ada17f9e1212a0803111a39f32 *dmb1992-12-29d3t02.flac
b3e5423de44fefdf3848cfe4136a102d *dmb1992-12-29d3t03.flac
3561f3f60ad38564caa137071c3b8dfe *dmb1992-12-29d3t04.flac
6788013e8f81e1bef8d9f9e6354505fd *dmb1992-12-29d3t05.flac

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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