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DMB1994-01-06.DSBD.flac16 (Unknown)

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Dave Matthews Band
January 6, 1994
Dobson Ice Arena(Lionshead Village)
Vail, Co

Opening for The Samples

Taper: Unknown
Source: Probable DSBD
Processing: Cd>EAC>Wav>Dvd
Conversion: Wav>Soundforge 8 for adjustments, Fade in and fade out
applied, Cd Wav Editor for track splitting and Flac16 conversion at
level 5

************************************************** *********************
***************DO NOT SELL OR DISTRIBUTE FOR PROFIT********************
************************************************** *********************

Disc 1

01. Intro 01:46

02. Song That Jane Likes(Acoustic intro) 05:38

03. Satellite 05:27

04. Dancing Nancies 08:18

05. #36 08:44

06. Ants Marching(Direct intro) 06:23

Total time 36:18

NOTES: Received this unconfirmed source wav file from Louie Rendek on
dvd to investigate and confirm the show date and venue first. had this date and venue listed but with no known

I accessed the Mailing List archive to see if this show
date was ever listed or reviewed. I also had to keep in mind this date
was close to the time of Anne Matthews' death and shows were cancelled
for 2 weeks in January 1994. I looked for post show reviews and
listings of upcoming January '94 tour dates and found a post from late
December 1993 showing the first 2 weeks of January were booked with
Colorado dates including this one in Vail. Dmb was to open for The
Samples on a number of these dates.

In listening to the show, Dave mentions that the band will be in the
mountains of Colorado for the next two weeks as if this was the first
show and that the calendar of dates could be seen at the merchandise
tables. Dave mentions Aspen is one of the upcoming shows. He thanks
The Samples and so does Boyd. The length of their set is 36 minutes
but it is mentioned on the archive when they opened for
The Samples in Chicago in March 1994, a fan(netter as they were called)
posts that he came all the way from Minnesota to see Dmb and they only
played 30 minutes, so it's almost certain that this is the entire
opening set. The tape is a very clean one so it is most likely a DSBD
source. Here is also the link to the page where the
post(approx. the 26th post) about January 1994 show dates in Colorado:

Errors fixed:
Slight pop at 6:18 & 6:19 of Ants

Many thanks to Louie for sending me this wav file on dvd and conferring
with me on investigating this show date. Have to also thank for having the archive which helped a great
deal in confirming this show.

Compiled and converted by Tom Gambichler on November 11, 2009

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