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DMB Fantasy Tour 2010: Information and Rules

After a hiatus, the Dave Matthews Band “Fantasy Tour” is back – and hopes to be at a stage of improved quality. There have been struggles in the past, but after some time off and research in past Fantasy Tours – the quality of this tour should remain supreme over previous years. The time to put this together is, now – not right before the Tour, like I have done in prior years. It’s up to us collectively (and myself above all) – to make this a committed and fun experience, that hopefully will become an attractive event for however many tours this band has left in them.

For those that are not familiar with the DMB “Fantasy Tour” – please read through this thread thoroughly – for those that are familiar with the DMB “Fantasy Tour” – please read through this thread thoroughly. There have been several changes, and several rules that must stick throughout the entire tour so we don’t have some of the flaws as we did in 2007 and 2008.

New To The Tour?

This is “DMB: Fantasy Tour”, it was created by myself in 2007 and amended and helped out by Ants all around to make it a fully functional game (most notably; Minarets#40, VanHorneDog, Berman, Maya, bradshaw, nick, taparoo, TGaucho, etc.). It was immediately attractive, and successful from the beginning – but because of certain location changes and “happenings” in my life, I went MIA from Ants Marching for a long time – ultimately leaving it to those that had helped me out with its creation – and leaving certain uncertainties when it came to rules/scoring, etc. This WILL NOT be allowed this year, and it’s my promise to make this game fair, fun, competitive and successful.

The “Fantasy Tour” is just as it sounds: a drafted generated team, that is scored – much like any professional sports Fantasy League that you may know about.

This thread is dedicated to letting everyone know in advance the rules and information of the league – so that we can properly adjust any rules according to how the overall community feels it should be done. There will be a separate sub-forum where I will put registration for Leagues – in which it is up to you to register for a certain league. Once the league is maxed out, it is maxed out. Absolutely no exceptions.


The Team:

In Fantasy Baseball owners are to choose: 1st Baseman, 2nd Baseman, Pitchers, OF’s, Closers, etc..etc.. so why not the same for our league? This year will require you to be a little bit more active, but it will show to be a lot more fairer on the scoring aspect and the actuality of it being a game rather than just a draft and watching your songs come up. Every league will have 10 players and each team will have 10 songs.

With these 10 songs, you will have the opportunity to place them into positions before each show. Where you put the songs is up to you, and can be different/same for each show - but you must follow the format below. You do not have to mention the three songs you left out for that show, when showing your "lineup".

Set Song:
Set Song;
Set Song:
Set Song:
Encore Song:

Bench Song:
Bench Song:
Bench Song:

Each player is expected to post his lineup an hour before each show, in that person's "League Thread". Scoring rules are listed in the policy section: but keep in mind, if you do not post your lineup to the show - you will not receive the points promised. Instead, you will receive 1 point for every song on your team that was played (for a maximum of 7 points for that show).

For example: After the draft, my team may be as follows: Shake Me Like A Monkey, Crush, Gravedigger, Time Bomb, Sister, Kill The King, Big Eyed Fish, Bartender, New Song, Granny

I would post my lineup prior to the show in your "League Thread" as follows:

Opener: Bartender
Set Song: Big Eyed Fish
Set Song: Granny
Set Song: New Song
Set Song: Crush
Closer: Shake Me Like A Monkey
Encore Song: Sister


Keep in mind that the structure of the league this year will require you to be committed and keeping up with your team on a show by show basis. So if you do not believe you can continue to keep up with your "team" - please do not show interest in joining. There are only a certain amount of spots we can/will fill - so, we want those that are the most interested in playing.

Registration will begin Thursday April 1st at 2:00 P.M. Central Time and it will close on May 1st at 11:59 P.M. Central Time. I will start off with 10 leagues. Each league will hold 12 members. If those 10 leagues fill, I will add two leagues. I will continue to do this until the deadline of May 1st. Once we have the amount of leagues determine - this will ultimately decide the structure of the tour.


The set-up will be a lot like the NBA structure. There will be Two-Conferences, with the equal amount of leagues in each conference. The overall point-leader of each league will advance to the playoffs automatically. Additionally, the amount of leagues in each conference will determine how many additional players will advance to the playoffs. The additional playoff players will advance on a Overall Score basis, in competition with the rest of their respective conference.

For example: Let's say we only fill the 10 leagues. Each conference will hold 5 leagues each. The overall-point leaders of those leagues will advance to the playoffs, and will be assigned seeds. The highest overall point leader for their conference will receive seed 1, etc.

The additional 5 players that advance to the playoffs - will be those that score the most points overall in comparison to the rest of their conference. These 5 players can only receive seeds 6-10, as the League Winner receive 1-5.

So the playoff bracket for each conference would be as follows:

Play In Game: (Seed 8) vs. (Seed 9)
(Seed 7) vs. (Seed 10)

Round 1:

(Seed 1) vs. (8 vs. 9)

(Seed 4) vs. (Seed 6)

(Seed 3) vs. (Seed 5)

(Seed 2) vs. (7 vs. 10)
The winner of Conference 1, will then face the winner of Conference 2 for the "Final".

Team and Scoring:

Songs, have been pre-determined by amount of play since (2008) - in scoring groups. Each team will consist of a max of 10 songs, that will be bought during a Live Draft during the week of (May 10-May 17th) - each league will be given a league moderator, that is responsible for holding that league's draft during and before that weeks end

The pre-determined groups are as follows:

Group A – ($4.00) (1/2/3)

Alligator Pie
Funny The Way It Is
Jimi Thing
Lying In The Hands of God
Shake Me Like A Monkey
So Damn Lucky
Two Step
Why I Am
You and Me
You Might Die Trying

Group B – ($3.00) (2/3/4)

All Along the Watchtower
Ants Marching
Baby Blue
Cover Song
Cover Song
Cover Song
Cover Song
Crash Into Me
Dancing Nancies
Don’t Drink The Water
Grey Street
New Song
New Song
New Song
New Song
Pantala Naga Pampa  Rapunzel
So Much To Say
Stay or Leave
Time Bomb
Too Much
Tripping Billies
Where Are You Going

Group C – ($2.00) (3/4/5)

American Baby
American Baby Intro
Anyone Seen the Bridge
Best of What’s Around
Big Eyed Fish
Christmas Song
Cry Freedom
Digging A Ditch
Dive In
Dream So Real, A
The Dreaming Tree
Drive In Drive Out
Eh Hee
Fool To Think
Grace Is Gone
Help Myself
Hunger For The Great Light
Idea of You, The
Lie In Our Graves
Louisiana Bayou
Loving Wings
The Maker
Old Dirt Hill
One Sweet World
Pay For What You Get
Proudest Monkey
Rhyme and Reason
Say Goodbye
Seek Up
Sleep To Dream Her
Smooth Rider
Some Devil
Song That Jane Likes, The
Space Between, The
The Stone
Sugar Will
Typical Situation
What Would You Say
What You Are
When The World Ends
You Never Know

Group D – ($1.00) (4/5/6)

Little Thing
Beach Ball
Blue Water
Break Free
Busted Stuff
Can’t Stop
Crazy Easy
Cigarette Lit
Dreams of our Fathers
Everybody Wake Up
Falling Off the Roof
Good Good Time
Grey Blue Eyes
Hello Again
I Did It
I Won’t Give It Away
If I Had It All
I’ll Back You Up
Joy Ride
Kill The King
Kit Kat Jam
The Last Stop
Let You Down
Little Red Bird
Mother Father
Old DMB Song (Pre 2000)
Save Me
So Right
Stand Up
Steady As We Go
Stolen Away on 55th and 3rd
Sweet Up and Down
Too High
Trouble With You
True Reflections
Up and Away
Write A Song

Regarding the Grouping

<>The dollar amount assigned to each group - equals how much it is required to buy the song.
<>Group A songs are ($4.00) -- they are the most valuable because they have been shown to be the most frequently played in the last two tours.
<>Each team is required to buy a song from Group A. There will be 12 teams in a league, and there 12 - Group A songs.
<>Each team will have $35.00 to spend on 10 songs. No team may have more/less then 10 songs.
<>Drafts position will be determined by a random generator. I will post all draft positions in the league's thread.
<>4 New Song Spots Included in Group B (Rules regarding this are in the Policy, section)
<>4 Cover Song Spots Included in Group B(Rules regarding this are in the Policy, section)
<>OLD DMB Song (Pre-2000) Spot Added in Group D


Group A - (1/2/3)
Group B - (2/3/4)
Group C - (3/4/5)
Group D - (4/5/6)

As you see, next to each group/price - there are a series of three numbers. This is how the scoring is initiated. The number = the number of points you would receive for that song.

The numbers in short, are essentially:

(Points If Played / Points if Open/Closes / Points If Played With A Guest)

Back to the lineup mentioned above:

Opener: Bartender
Set Song: Big Eyed Fish
Set Song: Granny
Set Song: New Song
Set Song: Crush
Closer: Shake Me Like A Monkey
Encore Song: Sister

If Bartender was played at the show I turned this lineup into - but did not open I would still receive the points if played, portion for that song. Considering it is a Group B song - I would receive two points for it being played. To receive the points allotted for (Opener/Closers) you must have the lineup proof that you placed that song in that spot - (also, keep in mind that closers are those that close the set, not the encore).

In terms of Encore Song: You will receive the points allotted for (Song played) if the song is played, but if it is played in the Encore and you placed it there: You will receive an additional bonus point (+1) no matter what group the song is in.


Drafting Policy: Drafting will be randomly generated - 1-12 for each league. After the first round, it will go 12-1, then back to 1-12, and continue as such. This will also affect the Waiver policy.

Waiver Policy: The team's Waiver Spot will be opposite that of your Draft Spot. If you picked #12 in the draft, your waiver spot will be #1, and so on. Once you make a move via Waiver (song pick up, cover song and new song claim) - you will move to the the last Waiver spot, and all others will move up a spot. All Waiver moves will have a (ONE SHOW) wait - that will determine all claims that are brought in.

Trading Policy: Each team is allowed 3 trades - and will stop at the halfway point of the tour. With this said, trades must be for the same money value. If you trade away a $4 song - you should receive anything that will equal $4 (ex: two $2 songs - or a $3 and a $1 song). Trades are to be brought up to the league commissioner, examined and accepted. If a player trades finds themselves having 11 songs on their roster because of trading - the player must drop a song of his/her choosing.

Cover Song and New Song Policy Cover Songs and New Songs - cannot be "picked" up, after the draft, these songs MUST BE drafted - in order to use them. In the scenario that they are drafted and dropped - they then can be picked up. Each player is allowed to hold only one of the four Cover Song spots and one of the four New Song spots. This song will only be good for one Cover or New Song for the tour. Once a Cover Song or New Song is played - the said player (if they hold one of these on their team) can make a Cover or New Song Waiver Claim to their League Official. Once this claim is made - the "Cover Song" or "New Song" will be officially changed to a certain song.

Example: Say I hold Cover Song on my team. The first night of the tour, DMB plays, "Hey Hey, My My" and "Sledgehammer". I make a claim to the League Official that I want my Cover Song to be "Sledgehammer" - Waiver pending, the song "Sledgehammer" will then take the place of the "Cover Song" spot. No points will be awarded to just the title of "New Song" or "Cover Song" spot - you must be awarded a song for that spot you drafted. If you wish to drop it once you received a song for that spot, that song will be available for pick up by another team. (I.E. - Say you had Cover Song, and was awarded Sledgehammer - you drop Sledgehammer, someone is able to pick up, "Sledgehammer" NOT "Cover Song"). The same policy is in tact for New Songs, as well.

Drop Song/Pick Up Policy - This is solely based on Waivers, and you can only pick up a song for the equal amount of money for the song that you are dropping. If you drop Group C - you must pick up a Group C.

That should cover almost all of it for those who need to be reminded, or for those who have no idea. Please read these rules, know them, and honestly see if you wish to participate. When it comes down to it - it is a LOT of fun, and can be a great way to communicate more with all of the Ants Community. As always I am looking for League Moderators, so please PM me if you are interested.

There is a strong possibility of Certificates and Trophies available to winners - more on that at a later time.

Let's make this a complete success this year, guys - and come closer as a great fan base and community! Use this thread to throw around possible ideas, amendments, criticisms and also for what you enjoy about these ideas. There will soon be a sub-forum where registration and all other conversation to take place.

THANK YOU! And Happy Touring, all.

Facebook II Twitter: @jspalding
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