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Dave Matthews Band
November 10, 1996
San Francisco, CA
Modern Rock Live

Taper: Bill Lakenan
Source: FM broadcast (99.1 WHFS Annapolis, MD) > DAT

Conversion: Archive Python DDS/dat2wav > .wav >
Cool Edit Pro v1.2a > CDWav > MKWAct
(I, Henry Hart, bought a hard drive to
have Louie dump audio extracted from
various DAT's onto. I took care of
the conversion from there and sent the
hard drive back to Louie to host.)

Disc #1:
1. Intro 1:09
2. Interview #1 2:56
3. Too Much* 4:53
4. Interview #2 4:43
5. So Much to Say 4:06
6. Interview #3 4:23
7. Crash* 6:12
8. Interview #4 4:48
9. Tripping Billies 5:05
10. #41 7:58
11. Interview #5 2:52
12. Recently 5:04
13. Interview #6 7:12
14. Ants Marching 4:22
15. Interview #7 7:22
Total: 73:05

* Album versions; all other songs are full band, live,
acoustic (relatively speaking).

There's a few minor clicks in the recording... nothing
too bad.

Compiled by Henry Hart on 2.28.02

c1793aea3dbaf0be1e6f72ce09af88ce *dmb1996-11-10-d1t01.shn
6a2adef1b293816407bd7a295a18ccd5 *dmb1996-11-10-d1t02.shn
1a7830a5ddbc55871841e622ce60c87e *dmb1996-11-10-d1t03.shn
00ff0cf9b7d9338553370d53d4db612e *dmb1996-11-10-d1t04.shn
9b5ab0130195c1361e473e89453d728a *dmb1996-11-10-d1t05.shn
d5d1faf958a401cc9f84e9627072608c *dmb1996-11-10-d1t06.shn
6f883b2290dad9b209aef8653d04dd43 *dmb1996-11-10-d1t07.shn
b922183250057e06a591e58b2a701960 *dmb1996-11-10-d1t08.shn
c2cc4a45931bfd105ce0808ef0a2bf20 *dmb1996-11-10-d1t09.shn
79fca4584661c27b804594ce8532ba8b *dmb1996-11-10-d1t10.shn
1d8548809e54dadb5b1bb66a827af807 *dmb1996-11-10-d1t11.shn
41f140d260b975dc13f01ac58124eb75 *dmb1996-11-10-d1t12.shn
fe1440ba442ebb731668a5410473b916 *dmb1996-11-10-d1t13.shn
9ec205aedc81849a4d7990b8f6269ada *dmb1996-11-10-d1t14.shn
65a46fccb40629d6b324c2188e104067 *dmb1996-11-10-d1t15.shn

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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