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DMB1993-09-03.asbd.flac16 (Unknown)

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Dave Matthews Band
September 3, 1993 *
Corrin Refectory
Salem College
Winston-Salem, NC

Taper: Unknown
Source Info: ASBD (unknown generation) -> CD

Conversion: Adam Nelson (

CD > flac: EAC (secure mode, all tracks 100%) -> WAV -> flac frontend (level 6)
Tracks split using CD Wave v1.93.3

Reconversion: flac>wav>Soundforge 8 for volume adjustments>flac frontend at level 5


Track | Name | Time (m:s)
Set I

d1t01 Jam Intro -> 00:39
d1t02 Satellite 05:23
d1t03 Recently 10:01
d1t04 Warehouse 08:58
d1t05 Nature -> 02:23
d1t06 Tripping Billies 05:37
d1t07 Lie In Our Graves 07:02
d1t08 True Reflections 07:58

Set Break

Set II

d1t09 Doobie Thing-> 06:20
d1t10 Ants Marching 06:36
d1t11 Minarets -> 08:05
d1t12 Typical Situation(Mary Had a Little Lamb) 08:56


The Jam that leads into Satellite starts abruptly at the begining of the show.

I removed 30 seconds of dead space between LIOG and True Reflections that was on the original CD.

True Reflections fades in at the start. This was also on the original CD, probably from a tape flip.

Setlist archives list Jimi Thing before Ants Marching. The band actually plays a Jam that segues into Ants, but Jimi is not played.

Typical Situation is cut off near the end of the song.

These rare older shows have been collected and converted through a collaborative effort to get them into circulation. Sometimes these shows do not have the best sound quality (and maybe that's why they aren't circulated much to begin with), but people should have access to them.

Thanks to Daniel Norman for the CD source used for this conversion.

Compiled By Adam Nelson on October 15, 2006

UPDATE: has confirmed the correct date and venue for this show as 9/3/93 at Salem College not 9/3/94 at either Salem State College in Salem, Mass. or SPAC in Saratoga Springs, NY as part of the 1994 H.O.R.D.E. tour. Dmbalmanac also documents track 9 as being Doobie Thing rather than an unknown jam prior to Ants.

Remaster notes:
Reviewed the entire source wav files for any errors or for any adjustments needed. Found no errors with the wav's but they could barely be heard as the levels were extremely low. Using Soundforge 8, first applied a fade in to the Jam intro to Satellite due to the abrupt start and a fade out on Typical due to it being cutoff at the end. Then applied a volume increase of 10db to all tracks. It doesn't improve the sound much since this is obviously a multi-generation cassette source but the volume is at the proper level now for listening. Created new flac files and fingerprints using Flac Frontend. This is also an incomplete show as there are tracks missing between True Relections and Doobie Thing.

Compiled and remastered by Tom Gambichler on October 20, 2009


Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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