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DMB2018-12-13.mc012.flac16 (Ron Powell)

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Dave Matthews Band
Capitol One Center
Washington, DC
December 13, 2018

Taper: Ron Powell
Source: Oktava MC012 > Edirol UA-5 - Sony PCM-M10 (16/44.1)
Location: Section 112 Row A Seats 5-6

01. Introduction
02. You Never Know
03. Satellite
04. That Girl Is You
05. Seven
06. Louisiana Bayou
07. Funny The Way It Is
08. Again And Again
09. Sledgehammer
10. Don't Drink The Water
11. Seek Up
12. Can't Stop
13. Everyday
14. Dancing Nancies
15. Warehouse
16. Here On Out
17. You Might Die Trying
18. You & Me
19. Pantala Naga Pampa
20. Rapunzel
21. Encore Break
22. Christmas Song
23. Grey Street

Compiled on 2021/11/09.

Another archival release - more on the way! Thanks to Ron for taping and sharing it with us!

5484d9207e9e153fff76a09df11c6518 *dmb2018-12-13t01.flac
6715db33c7ea2f9d011a6eecd5e09b3e *dmb2018-12-13t02.flac
c118fdc74a211fc43dd5fc9211c139ae *dmb2018-12-13t03.flac
a086e5c90d6061b6b567cc25649b68ce *dmb2018-12-13t04.flac
dbe6a6b61959073a90b336b427d13785 *dmb2018-12-13t05.flac
1580ff582e63906cfdeb1496787a3167 *dmb2018-12-13t06.flac
1d81abf2a9f510f36c957156036e3608 *dmb2018-12-13t07.flac
91a07e0e5f38883e3eea736d5a43efd0 *dmb2018-12-13t08.flac
bc08675ffb66374d15cefc05e7083dfc *dmb2018-12-13t09.flac
4de1e7bc7aa86218c021d9809f600104 *dmb2018-12-13t10.flac
b0d9be6e2db28f6e00ed4bc2db34e68c *dmb2018-12-13t11.flac
a94c463c1682b4d84e57cb69e791f2de *dmb2018-12-13t12.flac
81b529dd09dedad68e524fbed9fab863 *dmb2018-12-13t13.flac
269761da0f9af3b70d146ffd0d197fb9 *dmb2018-12-13t14.flac
6e8971b8434ac02978da97619a973da4 *dmb2018-12-13t15.flac
7afa4bb8c8006a7feaa588cf8fd9ae69 *dmb2018-12-13t16.flac
387286e2427e30a659f165c1afe6adb3 *dmb2018-12-13t17.flac
16eb2e6f20fb67b6bdc22d008ab33981 *dmb2018-12-13t18.flac
972e63177141a0e662a99b3506d89db8 *dmb2018-12-13t19.flac
14d7f62b9541835a0718ca16916c9494 *dmb2018-12-13t20.flac
f77cc422acb204f8443fe7b088c2caea *dmb2018-12-13t21.flac
f74a2eb40b8739e878ace22dea4d17d7 *dmb2018-12-13t22.flac
855df14cc906a4aa8e0ea64320b5eeb9 *dmb2018-12-13t23.flac

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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